Great lake
Lake Ladoga is one of the largest in Russia and the largest lake in Europe. Its area 18135 km2, the length of 219 km, width is 138 km, maximum depth…

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Man-made Mirage – lake Aydarkul
Specifically for TTG Russia Who would you not asked about the Aidarkul, in the answer only: "There very well!" An amazing phenomenon, and even if you have lived in tents,…

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The Most beautiful lakes in the world

The lake is beautiful: light mesmerizing ripples mirror-reflections of clouds on the water… there are millions of lakes, from tiny ponds to massive “freshwater seas”, but some waters clearly stand out. This article is about 9 lakes that are in different parts of the world, but equally attracted and surprised by its beauty.

Lake Como

Location: Lombardy, Italy

The shores of this pristine lake surrounded by lush trees and blooming rhododendrons, and in the distance are seen the snowy top of the mountains – it sounds like magic, isn’t it? Lake Como in Northern Italy is the place which you cannot tell in a few words, but from the lips of the newly arrived traveler at first goes wrong is that the “facilities to match, bellisima!”. Enjoy the beauty of the lake and shores can, a ride on a vintage Riva speedboat is a favourite pastime among tourists.

Lake Malin

Location: Alberta, Canada

Beautiful glacial lake Louise, morraine and Peitho in the canadian Rocky mountains for many centuries, waging a fierce battle for the title of the most picturesque, but the palm in the competition definitely pulls Milan lake, located in Jasper National Park. Stunning, first of all, the surrounding landscape: perfect foreground of pines, majestic jagged Continue reading

The Lake of Garda – Italy – MITS – Rest as a work of art

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, with a length of about 50 km and a width of about 10 km at its widest point. The mountain chain of the Dolomites covers the lake from the North winds, which creates conditions for the microclimate. Due to this, along the lake, olive and lemon groves and vineyards, which, for example, can not be found on lake Como. In antiquity the lake was called “blessed.” The lake shore is very varied – low South shore, cliffs leading down into the water to the West and the mountain chain of Monte Baldo borders the lake from the East.

Lake Garda, especially its Northern part is a Paradise for practicing water sports. Surfers meet in Riva del Garda. Another popular sport is mountain Biking.

Lake Garda was of great strategic and economic importance, over the centuries he fought the neighboring power.

Along the shores are numerous ancient settlements in Desenzano preserved Roman Villa with mosaics. In Sirmione, located on a picturesque Peninsula in the very South of the lake, you can see giant ruins of a Roman Villa, where he lived the poet Catullus. With XV the XVIII century this region belonged to the Republic of Venice and the wealthy Venetians adorned the shores Continue reading