A Fan of lake Baikal": Plan an exciting trip to the biggest lake of the world Publication
The first version of "Fan of Baikal" contains data for 6 regions of lake Baikal: Olkhon Island, the resort Arshan, Listvyanka, Maloye Sea area, East coast and Bolshoe Goloustnoe. As…

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Plitvice lakes-ethereal beauty!
In Croatia there is a unique national Park – the Plitvice lakes (Horw. Plitvička jezera). Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock here to overjoyed to merge with…

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A tour Operator Balkan Express

Balaton – the largest lake in Central Europe. Along with a beach holiday spread sailing, fishing. Popular among tourists for its natural and historical sights along the banks of the lake.

Balaton also offers has a long tradition of Spa treatment.

The lake is associated with many ancient legends and stories. According to the most famous on the bottom of the lake stands the Church, which incessantly crying girl. As long as she will cry in Balaton will be water.

Plenty of opportunities to relax here the whole year round. For example, active water sports is waiting in Siofok, where they water-ski on the road can tame the waves or glides through the air on a kite-surfing and can also test your courage in the adventure Park.

Suggest that you stay at lake Balaton and also to those who wish to just relax and be filled with strength. A pleasant walk through the narrow winding streets of Tihany or a trip on one of the pleasure boats that launch from the Marina Bay Kaskaskia, grant you physical and spiritual freshness.

Balaton is associated not only summer vacations and sailing. The beauty of edge pulls. With the seasons changing its appearance and the mountains and the water of lake Balaton with thousands of flowers shines like a mirror.

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GTRK – Amur – Amur, the farmer created a lake on top of a former landfill

Clear lakes with water lilies, Lotus flowers and fish on the site of former marshes and landfills. Amur farmer restores natural landscape and abandoned for years on contaminated territories.

Hard to believe that on the spot scenic area was a real dump. Roman Matuza, settling with his family here 4 years ago, the garbage disposal didn’t stop. With an excavator created near the house of the lake, when he reached deep water. Then engaged in useful plants.

“The properties of calamus are very unique, he phytoncid, that is kills all bacteria. The rhizomes of this plant was given to the boys that they were smart and the girls that they were beautiful. That is, all the kids always dried rhizomes as a pacifier, savored,” says the farmer.

Also on the lake now have water chestnut, water Lily, balticvent, Calla. The Lotus survives. Grew all this beauty from one or two seedlings collected in other scenic areas of the Amur region.

“We have a dream that Lotus will dominate, because Lotus gives large flowers. But I would also like to keep a variety. There will be more Lotus-lilies. To have a little of everything. For us good diversity: what we can on the lake, on the site to take any quantity of organic material, planting materials,” says Roman Matuzo.

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