Rafting in Karelia
Annually water tourism in Karelia is increasingly developing thanks to the support of travel companies that organize trips and hikes in this beautiful region. The Republic has a lot of…

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"big lake"
Savannah — the sea of grasses with occasional Islands of trees with the canopy of the umbrella. Vast areas of these amazing natural communities are in Africa, while the savanna…

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A Fan of lake Baikal”: Plan an exciting trip to the biggest lake of the world Publication

The first version of “Fan of Baikal” contains data for 6 regions of lake Baikal: Olkhon Island, the resort Arshan, Listvyanka, Maloye Sea area, East coast and Bolshoe Goloustnoe.

As reported by the developers, the mobile app will be monthly updated with new areas of lake Baikal attractions, routes, and descriptions of infrastructure facilities. In company plans – till the end of the summer season to cover all the most interesting areas of lake Baikal.

Travelers can expect interesting routes, the facts on destinations, helpful hints, historical data, original galleries, mestopolojenie, and in the near future and a calendar of events.

The goal of creating a mobile app “Fan of Baikal” – the Union of similar information for tourists traveling to lake Baikal, in a single digital product. Still, in the App store there was not one guide specialized recreation in the Baikal region.

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The Lake Toba on Sumatra, Indonesia – travel and miscellaneous

Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia

Small boat on lake Toba amid the island of Samosir, Indonesia .

Few of those who come to Indonesia, get to Sumatra, though that island has its own unique culture and identity. One of the main natural attractions of the island is lake Toba, which is located in create of an extinct volcano and the largest volcanic lake in the world. And in the center of the lake is the island. Imagine: a ring of salt water (ocean), ring land (island), ring of fresh water (lake Toba) and Samosir island centre – is something incredible!

Not easy to get here. On the island of Sumatra, I came from Malaysia and came to the city I think. Here I am knitting a ticket to the town of Parapat. On the map it turned out that we ride 400km, I mean 7-8 hours so slowly. And there it was. The roads are extremely bad, and sometimes even in one lane, so we were driving all 18 hours. From the bus window it was obvious that the earth is plowed with the help of Buffalo and was seeded mainly rice, palm trees interspersed with conifer trees ( and two degrees from the equator!), salt water and freshwater, and that there are very many Christian churches and this despite the fact that Indonesia Continue reading

Cheap tickets to Costa Rica on Skyscanner

Maybe you mean flights from Costa Rica.

General information

Tickets to Costa Rica – a cherished dream of any eco-tourist. The beauty of the local national parks with fantastic rain forests, tropical flowers, rapid rivers, picturesque waterfalls and mysterious volcanoes are legendary, and the guides do not skimp on high-profile titles such as “the most beautiful country in the world” and “the best place on the planet”. And, I must say, the enthusiasm of all completely fair. In the Treasury of the benefits of Costa Rica should definitely add infinitely various beaches with different colored sand, a lot of excellent places for surfing and diving, a few interesting towns with colonial-style architecture, a well-developed coffee culture and low crime rate.

What to see and do in Costa Rica

If you start to look at pictures of Costa Rica, you will see a magnificent ocean Bay, misty mountains, volcanic lakes and incredible waterfalls, but the people in your pictures most likely will not appear. The fact that Costa Ricans have been practically impossible: the joy of all “green” planet intact to keep the grandiose forests, which cover about 2/3 of the country. The remaining third is not too populated: a narrow isthmus between the Caribbean sea and the Pacific ocean is called the house Continue reading