Lake fishing in Lithuania. Stay surrounded by nature
Fishing in Lithuania attracts many tourists. The lake district of Lithuania consists of 5 districts: Utena, Moletai, Aniksi, Ignalina and Zarasai. In Utena district is 185 lakes, in molėtai —…

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Man-made Mirage – lake Aydarkul
Specifically for TTG Russia Who would you not asked about the Aidarkul, in the answer only: "There very well!" An amazing phenomenon, and even if you have lived in tents,…

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The Most beautiful lakes in the world

The lake is beautiful: light mesmerizing ripples mirror-reflections of clouds on the water… there are millions of lakes, from tiny ponds to massive “freshwater seas”, but some waters clearly stand out. This article is about 9 lakes that are in different parts of the world, but equally attracted and surprised by its beauty.

Lake Como

Location: Lombardy, Italy

The shores of this pristine lake surrounded by lush trees and blooming rhododendrons, and in the distance are seen the snowy top of the mountains – it sounds like magic, isn’t it? Lake Como in Northern Italy is the place which you cannot tell in a few words, but from the lips of the newly arrived traveler at first goes wrong is that the “facilities to match, bellisima!”. Enjoy the beauty of the lake and shores can, a ride on a vintage Riva speedboat is a favourite pastime among tourists.

Lake Malin

Location: Alberta, Canada

Beautiful glacial lake Louise, morraine and Peitho in the canadian Rocky mountains for many centuries, waging a fierce battle for the title of the most picturesque, but the palm in the competition definitely pulls Milan lake, located in Jasper National Park. Stunning, first of all, the surrounding landscape: perfect foreground of pines, majestic jagged Continue reading

The history of Armavir – the Salt lake near Armavir

Ubienka lake

Lakes are unique objects of nature, its monument. Their full name — Ubejische Salty mud of the lake.

They are remnants of the ancient Sarmatian sea lagoons, of the Gulf that existed about 6 million years ago. Wide valley, in which there are Large and Small Salt lakes, geologically, are reset. An impervious layer of marine lakes are bluish-gray clay verhneuralskogo time (about 4 million years) with high plastic properties. This clay is preserved only in depressions, such as described, and is the deposition of the Sarmatian sea lagoons.

The lakes are on the territory of the Cold-Bakinskogo forestry, in 25 km from Armavir, 12km from the farm No. 32, located in the North-Eastern outskirts of Armavir, near H. Kosyakino. Travel to the lakes by bus from the bus station (not to be confused with the bus station!) Armavir message “Armavir—Komakino”.

Currently information about how the lakes are used for educational purposes, lectures on geomorphology of the area, the history of natural monuments, the scientific staff of the Museum of Armavir.

Other possible topics of excursions: at the entrances of groups of tourists in the lake district it is possible to show evidence of the evolution of major geographic features (lakes), geological structures, influence of anthropogenic Continue reading

The UAE in March, vacation in UAE in March, tours in the UAE in March – sunrise Tour

Beach vacation especially in summer we need not, when to swim and sunbathe even in the middle of Russia, and in the period of acute deficiency and lack of sun — in early spring. That’s when we feel most frustrated and tired, and therefore rest in the UAE in March will be a wonderful opportunity to energize, recharge, enjoy the sun, which here leaves the horizon almost 360 days of the year.

It is known that not all tolerate sharp change of climate, but March holiday in the UAE will not bring your body any extreme emotions, as the spring in the Emirates, the weather is quite mild: the temperature 25 °C — extremely comfortable for our compatriots, and the water warms up to 20 °C making swimming enjoyable and refreshing.

The rest of the vacation in UAE in March is as beautiful as the other months: warm water, fascinating desert landscape, fabulous oases, the mountain peaks, picturesque dunes, exotic wildlife, as well as such important components of quality rest, excellent service, luxurious hotels, a full range of services.

Vacation in UAE in March

Tourist in UAE affects almost everything. Coral reefs, opening up its secrets to learners of diving for beginners, amazing flora and fauna, crystal clear lakes of volcanic origin, naturally adjacent to the endless Sands. Family Continue reading