The Rating sites. No. 2 - lake Toba and the waterfall of Episodio
Danau Toba & Sipiso-PisoWaterfall The Island Of Sumatra. Off beaten tourist trails with their eternal herds of the German and Australian old ladies! Under a plane wing about something sings…

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The Lake of Garda - Italy - MITS - Rest as a work of art
Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, with a length of about 50 km and a width of about 10 km at its widest point. The mountain chain of…

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Sol-Iletsk – country of salty lakes! Sol-Iletsk from Kazan! Kazan

Sol-Iletsk from Kazan. The town Sol-Iletsk, located in 70 km from the city of Orenburg is a large railway junction connecting Russia with Kazakhstan and Central Asian States.

The most interesting attraction of Sol-Iletsk-a group of salt lakes formed on the site of the old salt workings.

Sol-Iletsk Deposit on the basis of fangotherapy is a national treasure of Russia.

The unique lake is located at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level, cover an area of 53 hectares. Mineral (salty) lakes are unique in their composition, temperature and curative action.

The history of the development of therapeutic mud, salt, brine and other natural resources Sol-Iletsk steppe has for centuries. Traditional methods of treatment exist on the lakes for many years. Currently resting here annually more than 500 thousand people.

Lakes are sacred for Muslims and because of its medicinal qualities relate to places of worship. Even nomads healed the wounds healing water and mud. In gratitude for the gift of recovery in the lake they put the spears on scraps of bright fabric with the coins wrapped in them. Treated performed the ritual bathing naked in the lake brine, and in gratitude Continue reading

The history of Armavir – the Salt lake near Armavir

Ubienka lake

Lakes are unique objects of nature, its monument. Their full name — Ubejische Salty mud of the lake.

They are remnants of the ancient Sarmatian sea lagoons, of the Gulf that existed about 6 million years ago. Wide valley, in which there are Large and Small Salt lakes, geologically, are reset. An impervious layer of marine lakes are bluish-gray clay verhneuralskogo time (about 4 million years) with high plastic properties. This clay is preserved only in depressions, such as described, and is the deposition of the Sarmatian sea lagoons.

The lakes are on the territory of the Cold-Bakinskogo forestry, in 25 km from Armavir, 12km from the farm No. 32, located in the North-Eastern outskirts of Armavir, near H. Kosyakino. Travel to the lakes by bus from the bus station (not to be confused with the bus station!) Armavir message “Armavir—Komakino”.

Currently information about how the lakes are used for educational purposes, lectures on geomorphology of the area, the history of natural monuments, the scientific staff of the Museum of Armavir.

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