Baikal region
The Baikal region is located in the South-East of Russia within the mountain belt of South Siberia. It includes surrounding the lake Baikal of the Irkutsk oblast and Republic Buryatiya,…

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Floating island
Pride of the province Sudzhansky district Floating island In the official directories, he was listed as Cranberry lake. The pond in the village Neznamov Sudzhansky area is unique in itself.…

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The Lake of Ukraine is a unique lake Sinevir

One of the most beautiful places in Transcarpathia is considered Megharshen. Tourists fall in love with lake of Ukraine . its sub-valleys, wooded mountains, mineral water springs Burkov, fast-flowing mountain rivers and Black River Tereblya and of course in the lake Sinevir .

The biggest lake of Transcarpathia is Synevyr, located 989 meters above sea level, and it was formed about 10 thousand years ago.

Synevyr lake — this is the visiting card of the Carpathians, it is one of the most valuable natural treasure of the National natural Park of the same name. The total area of the lake is 5 hectares, its average depth is 8-10 m, maximum – 22 m.

The history of lake Sinevir

According to the legend, which tell the locals that the lake was formed at the spot where was shed the bitter tears of Count’s daughter SYN. At this place died of her favorite people – the shepherd Verkhovynsky VIR, his death was a setup by the insidious father-graph.

But seriously, the lake was formed after heavy shear caused by earthquake. Stony rock, located at an altitude of almost 1000 meters above sea level . blocked the path Continue reading


On this tour

You will see the large lakes, flowing one to another

Take part in extreme jeeping – tours

Feel the freshness of Alpine meadows and the Majesty of the Altai mountains

Fishing for trout – grayling

Region: Altai, mountain Belukha

Tour type: car-Hiking

Tour duration: day

Distance: 108 kilometers by car, 10 kilometers by foot along the lake

Set tourists in the group: from 4 people

With fewer tourists, the cost of the tour is calculated individually

The route works: 1 driver — guide

Dates of excursions: round year

The difficulty level of the tour: for the unprepared tourist


In order to fully enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the Multinsky lakes out of camp should do right after Breakfast at nine o’clock.

The road after Multinskiye maralnik turns into an obstacle course, and walking attraction, which impresses many tourists not less than the Multinsky lakes.

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UNIQUE LAKE was TAKEN UNDER PROTECTION – the political newspaper the far North

A new special protection area, which area is 140 thousand hectares and includes a lake Elgygytgyn and the surrounding area, appeared in Chukotka. According to the Chairman of the Committee of natural resources and environment district Olga Safonova, this will allow you to save the largest freshwater reservoir in North-East Asia in its original form.

Lake Elgygytgyn, located on the boundary of the Anadyr and Chaunsky districts, is unique in its origin. According to scientists, it was formed about 3.5 million years ago during the late Pliocene period.

— There are two main hypotheses about the origin of the basin of the lake – “endogenous” and “meteor”. The latter is confirmed by the almost perfectly round shape of the pit and a large depth, which reaches 169 meters, ” said Olga Safonova.

She noted that at the lake, the diameter of which is 11.5 km, and the area of a water mirror – 117 square kilometers, there are almost no sources and tributaries, which occurs in slow water circulation.

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