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Man-made Mirage – lake Aydarkul

Specifically for TTG Russia

Who would you not asked about the Aidarkul, in the answer only: “There very well!” An amazing phenomenon, and even if you have lived in tents, slept on the ground or in succession in the same sleeping bag, and ate one fish — well there. Moreover, very often the word “good”, few people can clearly explain, except by waving hands and smiles. Just have a good. Go and you will know the difference. Aydarkul is a place of power, the territory of the inexplicable elation. He is able to captivate the most discerning travelers, who saw in his travels a lot of amazing and beautiful places.

To unravel the mystery of Aidarkul impossible, and should you? Let it remain a miracle.

The lake is man-made. It is closed and formed by the excess water in the Chardara reservoir, — the mass of water, due to severe flood in 1969, through the open gateways rushed into the part of Hungry steppe — Arnasay lowland remained there, as if always were, like sisters. This resulted in a system of lakes Aydarkul, Arnasay and Tuzkan, & #8212; lake Tuzkan usually appear briefly in the spring, and disappeared with the beginning of the heat, — a total area of 4 thousand square kilometers. And South-Eastern part of the Kyzylkum desert has got its sky blue oasis, a Mirage of tales. If you walk through the desert, it appears suddenly, as if out of thin air. This amazing lake is one of the few positive examples of human impact on nature. Rather, the Union is awesome, which is comfortable to everyone.

What Aydarkul offers tourists?

Biting will be the tourist to “forget about everything”. In Aydarkul there are pike, carp, Chub, chuhong, catfishes, snakeheads and other species. With such dimensions, which are not enough hands boastful fisherman.

All the fish was brought to the lake, and its ideal of mineralization are well established and the pleasure multiplies. There is a third Republican fisheries database for fisheries, which produced up to 2000 tonnes of fish per year.

Fishing on the lake Aydarkul – tourism brand. However, not all the fish you can catch and eat, there are those that are listed in the Red Book, and caught, they are released, the tourists and fishermen are always warned. For example, such fish as carp and some other valuable breeds. All this is done to ensure that fisheries Agartala has remained balanced, and the productivity is not reduced — the environmental situation is under control. With its rich forage base, the lake has long been overtaken by the number of birds and mammals in all the other regions. You can see the pink flamingos and Dalmatian pelicans, eagles and vultures, swans and white egrets. Alive business card of this place — in front of the iconic idekulla sunsets silhouettes noble birds.

Healing silence

Several kilometres of sandy beaches form a wonderful natural beaches, the purity of which is very carefully monitored. Sometimes sand bars are interrupted by the coastal thickets of reeds and inhabited by bird people. This is a special silence . Only the sound of the surf, the chirping of birds and silhouettes of seagulls. Yes, gulls, most of these.

Not a single photo in the world will not capture the beauty of hazy Golden-gray with a pink tinge gradually turning into a glowing light purple aidarkulova sunrise. The chill of the rising sun, gradually warming all around can never be forgotten. And after dinner you can climb the dunes and watch the sunset, mystical and sensual colors glowing sky, rapidly fading, which is manifested with huge stars…

And the sounds of dutar and the crackle of a campfire will be a prehistoric sounding folk song that celebrates the infinity of the Universe, love, friendship, — simple truths.

Folklore performances – another feature of Aidarkul. Then cherish all the old songs and customs, in order to show the world the richness of the national culture.

Yurt camps and camels.

A few kilometers from the Western coast near Angelica, a small village lost in the Sands, Yurt camps are located. For example, the complex “Aidar” consists of eight real yurts, built and decorated by all the rules of the ethnic group. In the Yurt camp and everything is very logical and convenient. The Yurt is covered with kurpacha, but they have electricity. There are Yurt-canteen, office houses and premises for service, consistently friendly staff, the toilets. In the center of the camp hearth and benches.

Camel rides is one of the favorite pastimes of tourists. Two-humped ship of the desert walking on the sand gently, slightly shaking rider on a high seat, slowly opening idekulla paintings of landscapes in which you can see inscribed in silver precious stone, relict lizard — monitor lizard. The communication with the camel, very proud animal is part of ecological programmes. Here the rider must trust their red-Golden vehicle and to establish a common language, under the evil eyes of Teamsters and their recommendations.

The program of the visit also includes the villages and towns where tourist caravan meet always friendly and warm. Houses of mud brick clay, plenty of sun and the roads, drowning in a haze of terracotta, overcoming the sand dunes, which open all new views – tourism products offered by the lake.

Aydarkul is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the life of the people inhabiting this Paradise of earth, hear ethnic music, to try national dishes and special, only then may the way of cooking fish. Probably nowhere else in Uzbekistan, the fish is so amazingly delicious.

Place, leaving the warmest memories…