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Cheap tickets to Costa Rica on Skyscanner

Maybe you mean flights from Costa Rica.

General information

Tickets to Costa Rica – a cherished dream of any eco-tourist. The beauty of the local national parks with fantastic rain forests, tropical flowers, rapid rivers, picturesque waterfalls and mysterious volcanoes are legendary, and the guides do not skimp on high-profile titles such as “the most beautiful country in the world” and “the best place on the planet”. And, I must say, the enthusiasm of all completely fair. In the Treasury of the benefits of Costa Rica should definitely add infinitely various beaches with different colored sand, a lot of excellent places for surfing and diving, a few interesting towns with colonial-style architecture, a well-developed coffee culture and low crime rate.

What to see and do in Costa Rica

If you start to look at pictures of Costa Rica, you will see a magnificent ocean Bay, misty mountains, volcanic lakes and incredible waterfalls, but the people in your pictures most likely will not appear. The fact that Costa Ricans have been practically impossible: the joy of all “green” planet intact to keep the grandiose forests, which cover about 2/3 of the country. The remaining third is not too populated: a narrow isthmus between the Caribbean sea and the Pacific ocean is called the house a total of about five million people.

In Costa Rica there are more than 70 Grand reserves, all of which feel so far from civilization that its existence becomes hard to believe. Among the most popular points of attraction and ideas for hikes – the Indian reservation and the rain forest reserve of La Amistad on the border with Panama, secluded beaches and fantastic cliffs Park Manuel Antonio, marshy rivers, and unique reptiles of Tortuguero national Park. In the colossal reserve of the Corcovado you can see the huge cotton trees, colorful frogs, lizards of all sizes and colorful macaws, as well as to visit the cave of Salsipuedes, in which the famous English Navigator and privateer sir Francis Drake supposedly hid part of its treasures. The province of Guanacaste is famous for the countless beaches with different atmosphere, from the crazy surf Tamarindo to protected Playa Grande, which lay their eggs sea turtles.

Costa Rica all inspired by the exploits. Divers dream to reach the distant Cocos island (the largest uninhabited island in the Pacific ocean), the thrill-seekers eager to see the eruption of volcano Arenal, and the fishermen prepare for a giant tuna and blue Marlin in the Bay of Coronado.

After an unforgettable adventure in nature few people have the strength to explore the city, although, of course, and museums with artifacts from pre-Colombian era in San Jose, and the strengthening of Spanish in Heredia, and luxurious Catholic Cathedral in Cartago, and forever festive Limon deserve your attention.

When to come

The climate varies greatly due to the rugged terrain and large elevation changes, so to give universal advice is difficult. However, in General, the Caribbean coast is considered to be noticeably more humid and rainy than the Pacific. You can plan a trip to Costa Rica it is recommended in the dry season, which lasts from December to April. The temperature regime throughout the year, not really changing, and in the afternoon thermometers in Costa Rica is constantly around +25-27º.

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