Hévíz (Heviz) — a resort in Hungary. to the South-West from lake Balaton. 6 km from the town of Keszthely. It got its name from the thermal lake, which means…

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The biggest lake in Europe - Balaton - fade
Now the average depth of lake Balaton is only 70 cm Largest lake of Central Europe - Hungarian Balaton - endangered. The water level has dropped to a record low.…

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The UAE in March, vacation in UAE in March, tours in the UAE in March – sunrise Tour

Beach vacation especially in summer we need not, when to swim and sunbathe even in the middle of Russia, and in the period of acute deficiency and lack of sun — in early spring. That’s when we feel most frustrated and tired, and therefore rest in the UAE in March will be a wonderful opportunity to energize, recharge, enjoy the sun, which here leaves the horizon almost 360 days of the year.

It is known that not all tolerate sharp change of climate, but March holiday in the UAE will not bring your body any extreme emotions, as the spring in the Emirates, the weather is quite mild: the temperature 25 °C — extremely comfortable for our compatriots, and the water warms up to 20 °C making swimming enjoyable and refreshing.

The rest of the vacation in UAE in March is as beautiful as the other months: warm water, fascinating desert landscape, fabulous oases, the mountain peaks, picturesque dunes, exotic wildlife, as well as such important components of quality rest, excellent service, luxurious hotels, a full range of services.

Vacation in UAE in March

Tourist in UAE affects almost everything. Coral reefs, opening up its secrets to learners of diving for beginners, amazing flora and fauna, crystal clear lakes of volcanic origin, naturally adjacent to the endless Sands. Family vacation in March is good for the lack of a large number of tourists, which gives the opportunity to really turn away from all the problems and relax.

Interestingly, in March in the Emirates are huge sales where you can purchase various things of fine quality at ridiculous prices. In UAE in shops and on markets you can always find a huge range of products that even distracts campers from the beach and excursions. However, the opportunity to stroll through the modern shopping area, reminiscent of the luxurious palaces, it is also in some sense — attractions.

An important advantage of March travel to the Emirates will be price. Excellent opportunity to relax in the spring, when about the beach pastime can only dream of, in the absence of tourist crowds, enjoying the weather, not delivering discomfort, significantly cheaper than the same tour in high season.

Especially good in early spring the capital of the UAE — Abu Dhabi with amazing architecture, elegant minarets and stunning mosques.

While it is impossible to advise something. Each resort is attractive in its own way. You are sure to find the to your taste.