Lake Baikal
1. Not too many people has visited on Baikal, but the Russian people one of the most expensive places in his country. Lake Baikal is worthy of love addressed to…

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The Lake of the Failure
Little short of the sanatorium named after S. M. Kirov, in the mysterious depths of the mountain Mashuk famous hidden lake Proval . the entrance to which is guarded by…

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Private tours in Montenegro

Extraordinary rafting on the Tara river — choose 1 (12 or 20 km in length),2 (96 km long) or 3-day (96 km)route rafting on the Tara river. This is a unique opportunity to see the beauty of the second depth of the canyon in the World!

Diving is a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the underwater world of the Adriatic sea. We offer different types of diving, single immersion, and courses to obtain certificates. More information and pictures You can find here

Unforgettable jeep-Safari — jeep Safari throughout Montenegro, including trails through the mountains Durmitor, Bjelasica, sinyaeva,rumija and lovćen.

Photo tours allow guests to see the most beautiful and delightful places of Montenegro, and make amazing pictures in places known only to our guides.

Paragliding — tour can be arranged throughout the year, both at seaside resorts and in the mountains. Paragliding is a feeling of free flight over the breathtaking expanse of Montenegro, which You will never forget.

Bike Tours — You will drive along mountain trails, see the true Montenegrin village, beautiful lake. The route goes along the river Tara, the most beautiful river of Europe, under UNESCO protection, and the deepest canyon in Europe (1300m.), located on the territory of the Durmitor national Park.

Fishing in Montenegro – the natural beauty of Montenegro, a variety of lakes and rivers, rich in valuable species of fish, will not leave indifferent even the most demanding angler. Fishing takes place on rivers Tara and morača, Mrtvica, Ljuca, lim, and lakes, Biogradsko and Plavsko.

Horseback riding for riders of any level. Developed trails through the mountains (Bjelasica, Durmitor and Piva).

Eco tourism is a unique opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle and forget about the civilization, to live one day and feel how they lived for decades people in the rural areas of Montenegro, with untouched and unspoiled nature. We offer comfortable accommodation in ECO village on the mountain Bjelasica.

Canyoning – an unforgettable journey through the canyon of the river of Komarnica. The nevidio canyon was the last of the mastered in Europe, he had long hidden from human eyes. Vertical rocks, waterfalls, ravines, foaming rapids, and majestic waterfall Grapevine — all this and more You will see, going on a tour with us.

Hiking and trekking routes are many and varied in their complexity and duration (the longest routes can take up to 10 hours). What unites all the runs is the opportunity to enjoy the pristine beauty of Montenegro, to see the real Montenegrin mountains, beautiful lakes and parks.

Climbing with a professional instructor.

Helicopter tours — are organized round the year. A unique opportunity to see the beauty of Montenegro from the height of bird flight. For the winter season, a special programme: tourists in helicopters, climb mountains, and descend from the mountains for skiing and snowboarding.

This is just a small list of private tours that we can arrange for You and Your tourists in Montenegro. There are no boundaries, everything depends only on Your imagination, desires and Hobbies.