UNIQUE LAKE was TAKEN UNDER PROTECTION - the political newspaper the far North
A new special protection area, which area is 140 thousand hectares and includes a lake Elgygytgyn and the surrounding area, appeared in Chukotka. According to the Chairman of the Committee…

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"the largest lake"
Review album: On the territory of the Altiplano there are two large lakes Titicaca and Poopo.. Lake Titicaca (Lake of Thor Heyerdahl) is the largest lake in South America, the…

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The Rating sites. No. 2 – lake Toba and the waterfall of Episodio

Danau Toba & Sipiso-PisoWaterfall

The Island Of Sumatra.

Off beaten tourist trails with their eternal herds of the German and Australian old ladies! Under a plane wing about something sings the green sea of the jungle, the exotic island of Sumatra. Our goal — the world’s largest volcanic lake, beautifully situated in the crater of an ancient volcano. One hundred thousand years ago, this volcano a circumference of three hundred miles a little bit exploded — so much so that hundreds of thousands of tons of ash rose into the air and for many years covered the entire planet from sunlight. Come real »nuclear winter», the famous Ice age, cause the extinction of mammoths. The fate of the primitive people and animals then living in Sumatra, one can only talk standing up and removing the headpiece. But as a result of the huge catastrophe in the history of the planet appeared, a popular cartoon about the adventures of the mammoth Manny, tiger Diego and the extraordinary beauty of the lake with the warm and clear as tear water. It rests at an altitude of 900 meters and reaches 450 m in depth. From all sides Toba is surrounded by hills, overgrown with pine, and its centre occupied the island of Samosir (Pulau Samosir ) the size of Singapore.

To get to this wonderful corner of Indonesia is very difficult. In any case, the path lies through the capital of North Sumatra city of Medan. From here to lake Toba are regular buses and tourist vans (15$). As a rule, transport for the tourists more comfortable and quick, it takes about four to five hours.

The first stop is at the observation platform at the North-Western tip of the lake. Here the steep cliff of the valley Tonging jet hit a 120-meter waterfall with a clear title Episopes.

Visitors can descend into the gorge right to the bottom. The views from the observation deck on the lake and the waterfall is so expressive that the magnet attracts the professional photographers and camera crews of various TV companies of the type ‘Discovery Channel’.

The road from the waterfall to the pier in the town of Prapat serpentine winds along the coast. The nature here is so beautiful that makes you want to cry »Banzai!», to jump out of a moving bus and take pictures, take pictures… Ferries from Prapat on Samosir island depart every hour, half an hour on the way, 8000Rp. In the village tuk-Tuk a lot of small and usually half-empty hotels for every taste and budget. Here, away from the hustle and bustle of the big resorts, the mirrored surface of the clear waters of vacationers covers such a relaxed grace, called ‘tropicoso’ that many of them stay on much longer than planned. The more that the price of — an average of $4 for a good room — very contribute to this. Days are filled Samosir a dip in the cool clear water and leisurely Bicycle rides. On the market in a tuk-Tuk interesting burial of a local chieftain. He is depicted in the form of a long-haired stone statue sits on big-breasted wife with short bandy legs. It is immediately clear from what the leader died. Around it there is a grieving statues, presumably of his relatives. In the market, which is open on Saturdays, a wide selection of Souvenirs made of wood.

For $7 a day you can rent a motorbike and visit the hot springs in Pangururan on the opposite end of the island. It takes half a day, in rainy weather it is better not to go.

This mountainous area of Sumatra is inhabited mainly by Betacam. Now, they consider themselves Christians and are noted for genuine hospitality, but in the middle of the XlX-th century had a tradition of cannibalism. Batake – amazingly musical people, in any roadside karaoke regulars sing so that it becomes ashamed of our pop superstars. The Museum of traditional culture batakov wrestling in the newly reconstructed house of the local king is Simanindo, 20 km from tuk-Tuk.

Lake Toba, how to break away from your suction of relaxation and to force myself to travel further?! Blood photoshop the sunsets over the hills give rise to the illusion of unreality, guitar Rasta with red marijuana eyes crying about unrequited love Latin American, and few European faces filled with the tranquility of this tropical Paradise…

Best time to visit lake Toba – the dry season, when the nights are warm, and during the day the sun is shining. The weather here is like a European summer, without the sticky Equatorial heat. Trip better to combine with the ascent of the volcano Sibayak and visit the orangutan rehabilitation centre »Bohorok».

Paradise and global catastrophe, beauty is based on total destruction – where possible this causal relationship. The rocky shore of an ancient volcano can tell a lot…