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Floating island

Pride of the province Sudzhansky district

Floating island

In the official directories, he was listed as Cranberry lake. The pond in the village Neznamov Sudzhansky area is unique in itself. The locals call it Kliukvenniy. In the official directories, he was listed as Cranberry lake. The essence is: only here, in its vicinity, and nowhere else in the area is not growing is typical for the Central black earth region of the Northern berry. But the villagers are proud of the lake for yet another reason. Ordinary miracle, that has become a local landmark. On the mirrored surface “Klukvennaya”, sometimes even in calm weather, from shore to shore walks… no, not just a piece of land – this island, overgrown with grass, shrubs and trees. And its area is large enough – 0.6 hectares.

The lake by geographical standards, is quite young, he and 100 years is not fulfilled. Its origin it is obliged to the person. Once in its place was just a thick layer of peat. In the beginning of the last century landowner Solomatin was built in the nearby village of water mill. But a little calculated – the power of water was not enough to turn the wheel. Then he remembered the moor, thinking that mukomolno can accommodate even the steam engine. Hired local men – they had to deliver the fuel. Into place cut the peat was rapidly arriving water. Its wooden gutters with the pump was pumped into the nearby lake, which was nothing less kilometers. This continued for several years. And in 1914, the year the war began, men went to the front. Then the revolution broke out. Peatland abandoned altogether. Over time, underground keys began to fill the place of development of water – and the lake was formed. Finally, after some time, local residents were surprised to notice that the new lake created the island. Yes not idle time – the land was moving on the water surface. But no mystery here. When in the beginning of the last century, it cut the peat, the entire reservoir was divided into sections, literally cutting through their drainage systems. A few years later, after the abandoned peatland was flooded with water, the only one untouched square broke away and surfaced. And then later on it grew trees. Nizhnetagilskie the old-timers still remember the time when birch trees on the island were small.

Cranberry lake and around it a quagmire – and it is officially referred to as such objects are valid and unique place not only in the Kursk region, – has told the chief of Department of ecological expertise of the Department of environmental safety and nature use of Kursk region Alexey Cherkasov. Only in the area grows cranberries: on the shores of the lake and half a mile South of Swan marsh. But the main attraction of Kliukvenniy steel relic plants which have survived here since the post glacial period to 11 species of them included in the Red book. Here live rare species of birds – common crane, woodlark, Nightingale and grasshopper Warbler. In the Red book listed another local resident – the stag beetle. As for floating Islands, originally the lake there were two. Largest quagmire attached to the northeastern shore of the reservoir. Small still moves around the lake. The amazing thing is that to sail at a significant rate it can even in the windless weather. Apparently, the effect of underwater action keys.

Cruising speed miracle-Ostrava on approximate estimates can be up to 1 km/h, although it will, of course, did not measure, so you still have a chance to be first. Going here in the fall – make sure to bring a container for collecting cranberries. A miracle for the Central black earth region – in our region it is, of course, rojdaetsya is not as large as in the North. But a few hours with a strong desire to collect and bucket. The efforts are worth it: cranberry juice has antipyretic, antibacterial action, improves the stomach and intestines, stimulates activity of the digestive glands. Finally, it substances form insoluble compounds with heavy and radioactive metals and remove them from the body.

However, there is no strain to buy berries at the track or at local residents for 800-1000 rubles for a bucket. Guests can swim here in hot weather, the lake depth 5 – 6 metres.

How to see a miracle: Nizamov Village is located 13 kilometers from Sugi. A few dozen houses, a club and school – the usual story for the usual rural hinterland. To the main attractions of these places – Kliukvenniy – leading kilometer dirt road, which, however, soon interrupted by the barrier. In 1994, a unique lake has gained the official status of a monument of nature, a little later, the passage was closed. Then the path leads through a Sunny pine forest.

Close to the shores of Kliukvenniy a table and benches under a canopy. Say, a relaxation area equipped specifically for the arrival of the former Governor. Rutskoi had visited the district, and the local authorities decided that he needed to show a floating island. But now to take advantage of hospitality of local authorities can be anyone.