Plitvice lakes-ethereal beauty!
In Croatia there is a unique national Park – the Plitvice lakes (Horw. Plitvička jezera). Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock here to overjoyed to merge with…

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Man-made Mirage – lake Aydarkul
Specifically for TTG Russia Who would you not asked about the Aidarkul, in the answer only: "There very well!" An amazing phenomenon, and even if you have lived in tents,…

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The Holiday resort of Voss

Work, home… Home, work… And so every day. From this rhythm of life is possible to obtain, at least, nervous stress or strain. Yes, of course, the concept of “work” and “home” are essential parts for each of us. But, where in our “life chart” place for such thing as a “family vacation”? After all, even a hundred years ago it was found that all the fatigue and tensions accumulated within the family, instantly evaporates, it is only household to be somewhere in a quiet, cozy place, away from bustling cities and chiefs.

It is difficult to choose the resort… Even harder to find a place where every family member will find something to their liking. Okay. With older issues there – there are directories, a huge selection of resorts for every taste and color. But with children much more difficult! Well, tell me, where are You taking the child? Uh-uh… that’s it, not so easy now to please our “flowers of life”. What children want? Tale. Of magic and miracles. And where in our time to find all that? Yes, almost anywhere else, the skeptics will ask. In Vesterålen, – we answer.

Voss – this is not a resort. More precisely the resort, but not in the usual form in which we are accustomed to thinking of the concept of “resort” as such. Voss is an animated fairy tale, the birthplace of Santa Claus. This is a unique and, in fact, the only place on earth that is equally well suited for both children and their parents. Children can plunge into the fabulous world of fantasies, communicating with elves and Santa, and adults will find themselves any fun on your own – whether it’s ice fishing, riding on a reindeer sleigh or a visit to the steam bath and Spa treatments.

For fans of sports entertainment in Trysil there is a specially designed and constructed system of ski trails that allow equally easy to use for both adults and children. The slopes of the fitted tracks-rays, take all comers to ride on the sled. In the Lillehammer region You will find many skating rinks with real, polished ice.

Holiday in Savalen is a unique opportunity to find yourself in a truly magical corner of nature: clean air and beautiful lakes, giant pine trees and a blue sky.

Well-established infrastructure and the sea of entertainment, sports games and a set of single activities, Hiking on the bosom of nature, and much more! Everything is here for You and your children!

How’s that for impressive? Welcome to the world of fairy tales, and the story will open You towards its doors!