Holiday on lake pyhäjärvi. Accommodation in boarding houses, Finnish cabins, the recreation. Fishing and hunting
SUMMER VACATION AT LAKE PYHÄJÄRVI Holiday on lake pyhäjärvi The Republic of Karelia is the dream of every vacationer. It was a great, unique area, where closely intertwined folklore, epic…

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TOUR Tickets Journey Rominsky in the forest and on the lake Vishtynets, Kaliningrad
Journey to Rominsky forest and lake Vishtynets About the event Rominsky journey in the forest and on the lake Vishtynets Lake "Vishtinets" – the unique lake of glacial origin and…

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UNIQUE LAKE was TAKEN UNDER PROTECTION – the political newspaper the far North

A new special protection area, which area is 140 thousand hectares and includes a lake Elgygytgyn and the surrounding area, appeared in Chukotka. According to the Chairman of the Committee of natural resources and environment district Olga Safonova, this will allow you to save the largest freshwater reservoir in North-East Asia in its original form.

Lake Elgygytgyn, located on the boundary of the Anadyr and Chaunsky districts, is unique in its origin. According to scientists, it was formed about 3.5 million years ago during the late Pliocene period.

— There are two main hypotheses about the origin of the basin of the lake – “endogenous” and “meteor”. The latter is confirmed by the almost perfectly round shape of the pit and a large depth, which reaches 169 meters, ” said Olga Safonova.

She noted that at the lake, the diameter of which is 11.5 km, and the area of a water mirror – 117 square kilometers, there are almost no sources and tributaries, which occurs in slow water circulation.

– Besides, Elgygytgyn lake is never completely evaporated. It is therefore considered that the sediments of the reservoir are continuous paleoclimatic record from the time of its formation, ” said Olga Safonova.

Today Elgygytgyn remains a habitat for three endemic species of trout (bogradsky, Smallmouth and albacore paly). They are all listed in the red data book of Chukotka and Russia. While Smallmouth brook trout and albacore other places of distribution have not, so they are included in the list of threatened species the International Union for conservation of nature.

In accordance with the Decree of the government of Chukotka from 21 October-OC 2014, on the territory of this protected area are prohibited from conducting hunting in all kinds of animals, fishing, mining, picking berries and mushrooms. Also there is not allowed the presence of unauthorized persons without permission of the Department of agriculture and natural resources district which will be dedicated to the protection of the reserve.

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In addition to the Elgygytgyn lake, in the territory of the County, is 27 especially protected natural territories of Federal significance, including Park “Bereginya” the reserve “Island” reserve “Swan”, and 21 natural monument and three state refuge of the regional significance – “Chaun Bay», «Autoduel”, “Ust-Tourenski”.