Not the most famous of the lake
The lake is in almost all countries of the world - large, small, fresh, salty, inland and giving rise to mighty rivers. However, most countries and regions are associated with…

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Lake fishing in Lithuania. Stay surrounded by nature
Fishing in Lithuania attracts many tourists. The lake district of Lithuania consists of 5 districts: Utena, Moletai, Aniksi, Ignalina and Zarasai. In Utena district is 185 lakes, in molėtai —…

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On this tour

You will see the large lakes, flowing one to another

Take part in extreme jeeping – tours

Feel the freshness of Alpine meadows and the Majesty of the Altai mountains

Fishing for trout – grayling

Region: Altai, mountain Belukha

Tour type: car-Hiking

Tour duration: day

Distance: 108 kilometers by car, 10 kilometers by foot along the lake

Set tourists in the group: from 4 people

With fewer tourists, the cost of the tour is calculated individually

The route works: 1 driver — guide

Dates of excursions: round year

The difficulty level of the tour: for the unprepared tourist


In order to fully enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the Multinsky lakes out of camp should do right after Breakfast at nine o’clock.

The road after Multinskiye maralnik turns into an obstacle course, and walking attraction, which impresses many tourists not less than the Multinsky lakes.

When you come to the first Multinskiye lake, you know that life is not lived in vain, that you saw something came into contact with so that will delight in the memories for years to come. The water surface stretches for three miles, surrounded by magnificent mountains of pine ridge.

This is a convenient place to dine.

Part of travelers who prefer small physical effort to achieve optimal results, remains of the first Multinskiye lake, and the extremists are perfectionists, seeking in life the easy way, go on Packed trail along the lake to the isthmus between the two lakes. Believe me, it’s worth it: three miles of progress in one direction and you find yourself in a wonderful place with a rocky clean beach, cedars, and even if you are lucky, wild ducks. Most surprising is the meeting with the second Multinskoe lake. Imagine: you have already adapted to this new space – the meadow, the cedars, the beach, the lake. But, climbing on the boulders at the top, as if you swim in a submarine on the surface of a new lake in a few kilometers! The place is called transition Noise due to flying between the stones water, and really does the noise in my head not only from water but also from this natural effect of control of reality, when you turn the head to be on a large mountain lake and be at the level of the surface of the water.


Depending on the weather sunglasses, a warm jacket or sweater, raincoat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes. Can shoes, sneakers.


"big lake"
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Holiday on lake pyhäjärvi. Accommodation in boarding houses, Finnish cabins, the recreation. Fishing and hunting
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