The biggest lake in Europe - Balaton - fade
Now the average depth of lake Balaton is only 70 cm Largest lake of Central Europe - Hungarian Balaton - endangered. The water level has dropped to a record low.…

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Samara - Adler
Send The tour program On 3 may, the Time of departure local (Samara). 03:00 – Departure from Samara (Moscow highway, bus stop "Kirova", next to the pavilion "Fireworks"). Map 03:15…

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Lake Baikal

1. Not too many people has visited on Baikal, but the Russian people one of the most expensive places in his country. Lake Baikal is worthy of love addressed to him. Baikal is a unique lake in southern Siberia.

2. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet. A picturesque view, which opens before the traveler, out on the shore of lake Baikal, will remain in memory for a lifetime.

3. The Baikal is the largest fresh water reserve. Is lake Baikal in Russia. «Sea» — name of this huge lake with all the locals. It lies in the mountainous shores. The high ridges are covered with taiga and on the top sprinkled with snow reflected in the blue water if it is not agitated by the wind.

4. Cold water is like liquid glass: through it in the spring it is visible in the depth of forty metres. The length of the lake is 636 km and the maximum width is 81 km away. You just think about.

5. Baikal is located at an altitude of 455 metres above sea level. The Baikal basin contains the largest on the planet accumulation of fresh water. By area, Baikal is thirteen times less than in the Baltic sea, but the water volume surpasses it.

6. The locals call lake Baikal the sea.

7. Lake Baikal is a real jewel of Russia.

8. The nature of lake Baikal has been preserved to our days almost intact.

9. Picture of lake Baikal from space. Baikal stretches from South-West to North-East.

Lake Baikal is a beautiful

10. Half the shoreline of lake Baikal are protected, as there are established nature reserves and national parks.

11. The maximum depth of Baikal is about 1640 meters Cannot measure the exact depth of such deep lakes in the different sources of depth differs from each other up to 20 meters.

12. In the pearl of Russia Baikal is nourished by 336 rivers, and follows only one river Angara.

Photo of lake Baikal

13. Also in the lake there are Islands, they are about 30.

14. Lake Baikal is the oldest lake on the planet Earth, its age is about 20-25 million years.

15. The lake itself occurred, roughly speaking, due to the fault of the earth. In the vicinity of the Baikal earthquakes occur regularly.

16. The water of the lake is quite cold, in summer the water temperature does not exceed +15°C.

17. In winter almost the entire lake Baikal freezes. The ice thickness reaches 2 meters.

18. The water in Baikal is so clear that sometimes you can see the bottom at a depth of 40 meters.

19. Baikal is a unique lake and a popular destination among tourists.

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