The Lake of the Failure
Little short of the sanatorium named after S. M. Kirov, in the mysterious depths of the mountain Mashuk famous hidden lake Proval . the entrance to which is guarded by…

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Samara - Adler
Send The tour program On 3 may, the Time of departure local (Samara). 03:00 – Departure from Samara (Moscow highway, bus stop "Kirova", next to the pavilion "Fireworks"). Map 03:15…

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Brescia – skiing 365 days a year

“Tourist newspaper”

At the end of January as part of the Italian exhibition “Myth and Speed”, held at the Old Manege Moscow hosted a meeting of journalists covering the topic of tourism with representatives of the Italian province of Brescia.

The presentation was opened by Mr. Massimo Ghidelli – Director “Bresciatourism”, and held Mr. Alessio Merigo – Vice-President “Bresciatourism”.

Province of Brescia is part of the most developed and populous Italian region Lombardy. The main town of the province of Brescia, the second largest town in the region, after Milan.

For tourists Brescia offers a variety of tourist routes related to culture, art, scenic nature and thermal waters. The main natural wealth of the province is snow-capped peaks of the Italian Alps and glorified by numerous poets and artists, lake Garda.

Mountain peaks okugawa Valle Camonica, where all year round the snow does not melt.

Every year the Italian ski resorts have hosted thousands of tourists. In the season 2004-2005 from Russia came here 9 Charter flights. In 2005 in the number of tourists Brescia finished 10th among 21 area, which are divided from the territory of Italy. Just Brescia was visited by over 3.5 million tourists from around the world. The number of tourists from Russia amounted to 265 thousand people, representing approximately 8% of the total.

As told by Ms. Marina Codogno, representing the consortium “Adamello Ski”, in 2006 on the updated slopes of the Alta Valle Camonica skiing is possible to ski on 365 days a year.

From Moscow to those ski slopes can be reached through the airports of Milan, Verona and Brescia.

About the tourist attractions and the charm of lake Garda told Mr. Marco Girardi from the consortium “Lago di Garda”. He also told the journalists about their favorite local populations culinary dishes, cheeses, sausages, lake fish, truffles, wines and Grappa (grape vodka).

A five-star hotel Sirmione is close to the thermal centre.

Synonymous with thermal waters in Brescia, is Sirmione. In this small town on lake Garda is one of the most famous and ancient termoatonomo.

Garda is a favourite holiday destination of the Germans, the Italians and the British. This is the most famous lake in Europe. Clean clear water, Sunny beaches, rich Mediterranean vegetation, vineyards, palm trees, cypresses, lemon trees. Relaxing on the lake, less than three hours drive from the ski slopes of Valle Camonica.

Year year thanks to activity of the Russian tourist agencies the number of tourists on lake gardo Russians increases.