Floating island
Pride of the province Sudzhansky district Floating island In the official directories, he was listed as Cranberry lake. The pond in the village Neznamov Sudzhansky area is unique in itself.…

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Many thousands of years ago was on my the edge of the glacier. Slowly he moved from North -West to South-East and swept on its way all obstacles. Crushing high…

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The Lake Toba on Sumatra, Indonesia – travel and miscellaneous

Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia

Small boat on lake Toba amid the island of Samosir, Indonesia .

Few of those who come to Indonesia, get to Sumatra, though that island has its own unique culture and identity. One of the main natural attractions of the island is lake Toba, which is located in create of an extinct volcano and the largest volcanic lake in the world. And in the center of the lake is the island. Imagine: a ring of salt water (ocean), ring land (island), ring of fresh water (lake Toba) and Samosir island centre – is something incredible!

Not easy to get here. On the island of Sumatra, I came from Malaysia and came to the city I think. Here I am knitting a ticket to the town of Parapat. On the map it turned out that we ride 400km, I mean 7-8 hours so slowly. And there it was. The roads are extremely bad, and sometimes even in one lane, so we were driving all 18 hours. From the bus window it was obvious that the earth is plowed with the help of Buffalo and was seeded mainly rice, palm trees interspersed with conifer trees ( and two degrees from the equator!), salt water and freshwater, and that there are very many Christian churches and this despite the fact that Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population.

Here I was overtaken by another problem: at first it was not clear how to communicate with people. The fact that the island is a place maturationthe, especially talking about white people. Consequently, local residents and don’t need to know English. So they don’t know =) But I was struck by their reaction to the English language. If you try to buy food in the cafe, people reacted in a strange way- men pretended that I do not see, and the women laughed and ran away =) In General, so I had another day to starve until I reached the town of Parapat, where got online and looked up the necessary phrases in Indonesian. Then, we began to learn the essential phrases in Indonesian, life has become easier.

1. I settled in the hotel with views of the lake, essentially from the inner side of the crater of an extinct volcano. The locals are very proud to be the local nature – is still coniferous forest and fresh water around. But in Russia such more than enough, so this aspect I’m not particularly impressed. And here it is the lake

2. View of the Northern part of the island Samosir.


4. With the weather here I do not particularly lucky, the sun appeared for a couple of hours in the morning and then through the clouds.

5. View of the main street of the city Parapat.

The locals are very proud of the unusual nature of the lake and the surrounding area – fresh water and pine forests all around, but the Russians of this nature are no surprise, of course. On the lake you can spend 2-3 days, and then we must move to a new location.