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Lake Victoria

What traveler has not wanted to see the second largest freshwater lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa, the Northern coast which crosses the equator. Lake Victoria was discovered in 1858 by an English traveller and African Explorer John Henning Speke. The lake area is 68 thousand sq. km, length – 320 km, the maximum width is 275 km and the maximum depth, accounting for 80 m, Victoria can be considered one of the deepest lakes in the world. After the construction in 1954 of a dam at Owen falls on the Victoria Nile, the lake turned into a reservoir, causing the water level rose by 3 m.

The many Islands scattered around the lake, becomes a safe haven for numerous birds. In the lake high-water river Kagera, it follows the Victoria Nile. Victoria fills a shallow depression between the Eastern and Western sides of the valley of the Great African valley, getting a huge amount of water from rainfall – more than from all their tributaries.

Around the lake is home to nearly 30 million natives. On the southern and Western shores of the lives of the people of vahia who knew how to grow coffee long before the arrival of Europeans. Victoria main ports: Entebbe (Uganda), Mwanza, Bukoba (Tanzania), Kisumu (Kenya), near the Northern coast and Kampala, capital of Uganda.

The waters of the lake found a huge amount of crocodiles. Victoria is a habitat of a fossil fish lang, who lived here 300 million years ago. This rare fish is a transitional link in the evolution between ordinary fishes and land animals.

On the territory around the lake are the famous national parks of Africa. The most interesting national Park of the island of Rubondo (Rubondo Island, 450 sq km) – a Paradise for more than four hundred different species of birds. Here you can see eagles, herons, storks, ibises, kingfishers, cormorants. The main live attraction, shy antelope by Its. The lake environs are also the perfect venue for ornithological safaris. Guests are attracted here and used by the local legend about a mysterious animal that they have noticed in lake Victoria. Large fresh-water creature, which they call lukwata, chased the boats of the fishermen, trying to flip them. Tell that one European who crossed the lake on a boat, even managed to see a huge head of this creature.