Indonesian stratovolcano, Rigani Lombok
This volcano many consider one of the most beautiful in the world – its picturesque surroundings really delight and surprise all who were able to visit and conquer. We are…

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Samara - Adler
Send The tour program On 3 may, the Time of departure local (Samara). 03:00 – Departure from Samara (Moscow highway, bus stop "Kirova", next to the pavilion "Fireworks"). Map 03:15…

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The biggest lakes in the world – Top 10

Summer time comes and goes, but the memories of this wonderful time are stored in our memory.

Let me invite you on a fascinating tour of the ten biggest lakes of our planet – let your memory will remain a great picture of what he saw.

No..10. Lake Malawi is the area of the reservoir this. square kilometers. It is located in East Africa in Tanzania and is the southernmost of the Rift valley lakes. Its waters constitute 7 % of the world’s fresh water on the planet.

No. 9. Big bear lake is the star attraction of Canada, with an area of this. square kilometers. Of the twelve months of the year – nine the lake is covered with ice, so vessels go there in a very short period of time. This place is known for uranium deposits, exposed here for the first time.

No. 8. Lake Baikal – the deepest and cleanest lake in the world – the pride of Russia. Baikal spread over vast territories of South-Eastern Siberia – the area this.700 sq

No. 7. Lake Tanganyika – the longest on the planet, it is covered with water this. square kilometers of the territories of Central Africa. Tanganyika is so great that you’ll be in four States!

No. 6. Aral lake (sea) – at present covers an area of 13.5 square kilometers and at the same time remains a living example of the large-scale natural disasters. This salt lake has been very draining of water, as a result, its area of this. square kilometres was 13.5 square miles! Geographically, the Aral sea is in Central Asia, the lands of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Scientists: drying is an irreversible process and the lake will die over the next decade.

No. 5. Lake Michigan in the North of the United States of America – its area this.750 sq. km. Is one of three Great lakes (Michigan, Superior, Huron). All three lakes are connected by Straits, but they are considered to be separate.

No. 4. Lake Huron is located just East of Michigan, on the boundary of Canada and the United States of America with the total area of 57 thousand square kilometers. It occupies the second position among the Great lakes.

No. 3. The lake Victoria basin with an area of this square kilometers. Victoria is among the three largest lakes on the planet and is situated on the lands of three countries in East Africa. The amount the bolt a third of fresh water on the planet, more have only lake superior and lake Baikal. The name of the lake was named in honor of Queen Victoria from the discoverer John Speke, who was British.

No. 2. Lake superior – is this.700 square kilometers of territory the boundary between the United States and Canada. The lake is the largest lake of fresh water on the planet. At the beginning of its name translated as “big water”, later as “high lake”, but nowadays it was renamed the “top” – are the biggest on the continent.

No. 1. Caspian sea – the lake and the sea is a huge occupied territory is. square kilometers! and some tectonic features of the oceanic type. Essentially the Caspian sea is a huge lake with no outflowing streams, with constantly fluctuating water level. The reservoir is located between Europe and Asia. Its level of salinity is variable: at the mouth of Volga river it is approximately 0.05 percent, and to the South increases to 13 percent.