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Sol-Iletsk – country of salty lakes! Sol-Iletsk from Kazan! Kazan

Sol-Iletsk from Kazan. The town Sol-Iletsk, located in 70 km from the city of Orenburg is a large railway junction connecting Russia with Kazakhstan and Central Asian States.

The most interesting attraction of Sol-Iletsk-a group of salt lakes formed on the site of the old salt workings.

Sol-Iletsk Deposit on the basis of fangotherapy is a national treasure of Russia.

The unique lake is located at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level, cover an area of 53 hectares. Mineral (salty) lakes are unique in their composition, temperature and curative action.

The history of the development of therapeutic mud, salt, brine and other natural resources Sol-Iletsk steppe has for centuries. Traditional methods of treatment exist on the lakes for many years. Currently resting here annually more than 500 thousand people.

Lakes are sacred for Muslims and because of its medicinal qualities relate to places of worship. Even nomads healed the wounds healing water and mud. In gratitude for the gift of recovery in the lake they put the spears on scraps of bright fabric with the coins wrapped in them. Treated performed the ritual bathing naked in the lake brine, and in gratitude for the health of throwing coins into the water with words of prayer. Stories about miraculous healing are passed down from generation to generation to the present.

The great Russian scientist M. V. Lomonosov was first produced by physico-chemical analysis of salt Iletsk salt dome, and he came to the conclusion: “natural Iletsk salt other salts harder and being natalina, gets very white, and c air humidity in itself does not accept. She has a strong acceskey matter which is the basis and hardness of a matter of salt. For properties which need this salt in hardness, strength and sporine prefer other salts” .

To date, 6 lakes formed Iletsk salt dome, dividing the composition into 3 different groups from the point of view of Spa resources:

1. “Salty” and mineral or brine, i.e., containing a high concentration of salt: the Collapse and O. O. New.

2. “Mud” – mud-brine containing therapeutic mud and brine: Tuzluca O. and O. Wrymouth.

3. “Fresh” – low-mineralized: Large urban and Small urban lake.

Analyses made at the Central Institute of balneology and physiotherapy, has shown that significant changes over the past 100 years since E. Botha, has made a first analysis of the mud in 1868, did not happen. The mud maintained its high medicinal properties.

The comparison of the results of treatment of individual groups of diseases with the results at other resorts shows that the treatment of patients with rheumatoid polyarthritis Sol-Iletsk resort belongs to the second group. Diseases of female sexual sphere are treated as successfully as in the resorts of the first group. The results of treatment of diseases of the nervous system is close to the resorts of the second group.

Climate Sol-Iletsk – continental, with hot summers and cool winters. Relative humidity ranges from 50 to 70%, which is in the range most favorable to the person. The number of Sunny days in Sol-Iletsk prevails over the number of cloud that contributes to the formation of lakes in various species of crustacea and the so-called Artemia saline. In the water and mud there is a huge amount of useful microbes, among which are greaseopera iron bacteria, sulfate-reducing and other microorganisms. With the onset of warm Sunny days the water temperature rises to 34-36°C., Green, blue-green and other algae to intensify their activity and multiply rapidly, increasing the number of green mass, which occupies the whole water column. Reproduction and development of algae ends in the fall with the onset of cold weather. At the bottom of lakes continuous biological process of formation of mud. About the activity of biological processes in thicker mud, evidenced by its self-heating to 50-60° C at a depth of 10-15 cm.

The mechanism of action of mud and brine is complex and diverse, it consists of many factors. One factor of the action of dirt and temperature. Heat moves to areas of the body, where was applied the mud – and the result is increased body temperature, which persists for a long time after finishing the procedures. Mechanical factors arise from the pressure of the mud at the site of application. Inextricably linked with these two chemical factors, as in the composition of the dirt includes a variety of biogenic stimulators, male and female sex hormones, gases (hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide), sodium chloride, and potassium, sulphur iron, antibiotics produced by microbes, and more. In the mud also contains substances with bactericidal action, suppressing disease-causing microbes.

Sodium chloride waters have a tonic and regulating effect on the Central nervous system, they affect the metabolism in the body, the body temperature increases and persists for a long time after their therapy. Under the influence of sodium chloride baths increases metabolism, increases the absorption of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide. There is an exchange of ions between the body of the patient and the water. Under certain conditions, the skin becomes permeable for ions, the number of substances adsorbed and enters the body. After taking a salty brine remains on the body of water droplets, which dry out and give the deposition of salts, is the so-called “salt cloak”, consisting of crystals of salts (mostly sodium chloride).

Before taking water and mud treatments are encouraged to rest. In the water you need to lie still, not to be distracted by conversations. Located in the lake should be up to the chest level, like deep diving and long submersion adversely affects the cardiovascular system. The bathing in the lake “Collapse” lasts on average 15-20 minutes after taking water and mud procedures, you must rest 30 minutes in the shade.