Lake Victoria
What traveler has not wanted to see the second largest freshwater lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa, the Northern coast which crosses the equator. Lake Victoria…

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The Lake of Ukraine is a unique lake Sinevir
One of the most beautiful places in Transcarpathia is considered Megharshen. Tourists fall in love with lake of Ukraine . its sub-valleys, wooded mountains, mineral water springs Burkov, fast-flowing mountain…

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GTRK – Amur – Amur, the farmer created a lake on top of a former landfill

Clear lakes with water lilies, Lotus flowers and fish on the site of former marshes and landfills. Amur farmer restores natural landscape and abandoned for years on contaminated territories.

Hard to believe that on the spot scenic area was a real dump. Roman Matuza, settling with his family here 4 years ago, the garbage disposal didn’t stop. With an excavator created near the house of the lake, when he reached deep water. Then engaged in useful plants.

“The properties of calamus are very unique, he phytoncid, that is kills all bacteria. The rhizomes of this plant was given to the boys that they were smart and the girls that they were beautiful. That is, all the kids always dried rhizomes as a pacifier, savored,” says the farmer.

Also on the lake now have water chestnut, water Lily, balticvent, Calla. The Lotus survives. Grew all this beauty from one or two seedlings collected in other scenic areas of the Amur region.

“We have a dream that Lotus will dominate, because Lotus gives large flowers. But I would also like to keep a variety. There will be more Lotus-lilies. To have a little of everything. For us good diversity: what we can on the lake, on the site to take any quantity of organic material, planting materials,” says Roman Matuzo.

Now Roman is going to elevate another lake, created a few months ago nearby. Together with plants moving to a new place of residence and fish – mostly minnows, Rotana, crucians. They, by the way, I don’t know what is bait and hook – the farmer supports the natural balance.

The new lake until it was just a pit of water at the bottom of a lot of clay, but in a year or two she should settle. In addition to aesthetic, this water body will be quite practical purpose: in the spring there raged Pala, and pour their was nothing.

The lake, which here was originally created as a fire pond, now used as a watering hole for goats, which in the economy of the Novel Matuzo for more than fifty. From their permanent place of residence to the water of animals are within a few meters.

For the livestock farmer plans then to make a separate pond. And that he has big plans. “On the shore of this lake in the next few years I want the youth to hold festival. It will be loudly called “Gathering hearts”,” – says Roman Matuzo.

A few days in tents on the shore of the lake, on the evening of bard songs around the campfire. Love nature itself, enterprising farmer wants to share it with others. And he admits he is not averse to thoroughly organize eco-tourism.