The Lake Toba on Sumatra, Indonesia - travel and miscellaneous
Lake Toba on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia Small boat on lake Toba amid the island of Samosir, Indonesia . Few of those who come to Indonesia, get to Sumatra,…

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Samara - Adler
Send The tour program On 3 may, the Time of departure local (Samara). 03:00 – Departure from Samara (Moscow highway, bus stop "Kirova", next to the pavilion "Fireworks"). Map 03:15…

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Indonesian stratovolcano, Rigani Lombok

This volcano many consider one of the most beautiful in the world – its picturesque surroundings really delight and surprise all who were able to visit and conquer. We are talking about the Indonesian volcano Rijani.

It is located on the island of Lombok and is a famous tourist attraction.

Rijani – the active stratovolcano and the second highest volcano in Indonesia (3726 height).

It is a kind of mountain range with three subcriteria and oval Caldera. The oldest of the craters were formed about 48 thousand years ago, where in 1847 there was the biggest eruption. The second was formed about 3400 years ago, there is fumarolic activity. The third crater was formed in 1944. The last eruption occurred in 2010.

But the magnificence of the giant – this is a volcanic freshwater lake Segara Anak located at an altitude of 2000 m in the Caldera of the volcano. As a result of repeated eruptions that hit the rocks and formed the Caldera, which is gradually filling up with water, formed this beautiful lake. Its depth is 230 m. It is thanks to volcano lake has become world famous. Among the local population there is a popular belief that it is inhabited by the souls of dead ancestors who guard the sacred mount Rinjani. So here you can see the improvised altars, where locals pray and offer requests to the souls of ancestors on the conservation of crops in their rice fields.

Note that currently the island of Lombok is actively developing in the field of tourism. Every year thousands of tourists come here to climb to the top of the volcano. To conquer not everyone, the route is quite difficult and dangerous, the ascent takes about 2 days. But done way worth it, and who manages to overcome this difficult path and reach the top, will truly be able to appreciate the scenic beauty of crater lake volcano and the surrounding lush forest from the top of the giant.

The most favorable time for visiting the volcano is considered the month of November, when it’s the middle of “dry” season.

In 1997, the volcano and its surrounding area declared by the Indonesian authorities to the National Park of Rigani, since 2009 the territory included in the UNESCO heritage list and is under its protection.

The volcano Rijani on Google map