The Most amazing lake in the world: ptichka_joy
This amazing lake is located in Yellowstone National Park, USA. White Americans discovered the land recently – in 1870. Untouched piece of nature was discovered by the Governor of a…

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UNIQUE LAKE was TAKEN UNDER PROTECTION - the political newspaper the far North
A new special protection area, which area is 140 thousand hectares and includes a lake Elgygytgyn and the surrounding area, appeared in Chukotka. According to the Chairman of the Committee…

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Holiday on lake pyhäjärvi. Accommodation in boarding houses, Finnish cabins, the recreation. Fishing and hunting


Holiday on lake pyhäjärvi

The Republic of Karelia is the dream of every vacationer. It was a great, unique area, where closely intertwined folklore, epic poetry, and rituals of antiquity. Unique, gorgeous and peculiar nature . unique monuments, keeps history and culture of Northern people, the fast flowing rivers, crystal clear lakes . calm and friendly people have long made this region a place of annual pilgrimage for many tourists from all corners of our country. Karelia is a land that over the years of its existence has become native for Russians and Karelians, Veps and Finns, Ukrainians and Belarusians, as well as for many vacationers . each year a pleasure to visit this fertile land.

Today we will go with You on a trip to this blessed land. And the purpose of it will be a beautiful lake pyhäjärvi . Why the lake pyhäjärvi we want to offer You to go to rest . And because each person is created excellent conditions for summer and winter holidays . The spacious rooms of the resort and with open arms will take You to their wall. The private sector will kindly tell You about the features of the Karelian fishing and hunting . A cosy Finnish houses will help You to relax after an interesting and unforgettable excursions to the surroundings of lake pyhäjärvi . Where to find this beauty of nature? Lake pyhäjärvi is located in the southern part of the country, on the border of Finland and Russia. Although the modern Finnish language its name translates as “sacred lake”, most likely, his initial value was the phrase “boundary lake”. On the North shore of lake pyhäjärvi are the cities of Tampere and Nokia, and in the South in the city of hämeenlinna. These cities and provide excellent tourism environment for tourists . Family vacation on lake pyhäjärvi is a real tale. If You love beautiful scenery, the echoing noise of the resort cities prefer the quiet, peaceful stay near the pure and beautiful body of water, You definitely need to come to the lake pyhäjärvi at least for a few days. Here You will find the small but very famous Finnish cottages and holiday recreation . In them, of course not familiar to Europeans of five-star comfort, but there is a great forest and clear blue lake. The flora lake area is surprisingly rich and diverse. Here You will find a healing pine forest, where hikers will be able to amuse yourself with the variety of mushrooms and berries. Also there are brown bears, elks, foxes, lynxes, lemmings and hedgehogs. Hunting season near the lake pyhäjärvi lasts all year round. On the territory of lake pyhäjärvi there are plenty of hunting grounds that await all fans of this exciting spirit of every man classes. Hunt on the shores of lake pyhäjärvi, not only in different animals. At lakeside home to more than three hundred species of birds, among which the most popular are the black goose, the crane and Falcon.

Relax at the lake pyhäjärvi will be nice and an avid fisherman. Here available all types of fishing — spinning, ground and float fish. Without a catch will not remain even a beginner. And all the production You can cook at designated sites near a country cottage or house holiday base . If You are staying in a hotel or resort . You will assist in the preparation of the staff of the restaurant or cafe. But the private sector certainly will share ancient recipes of preparation of dishes from fish or game. Vacation on the shores of lake pyhäjärvi is an opportunity not only to escape from the dust, hustle and bustle of the big city, but also receive unforgettable impressions from a wonderful holiday in nature .

Believe me, after resting here a couple of days, You will want to return again and again. Aka not a large house on the shore of lake pyhäjärvi . you can freely enjoy all the subtleties of a cozy and pleasant family holiday . Electric light, fridge, electric stove, dining table, dishes, a soft bed and constant hot water – all this awaits You at the fabulous Karelian-Finnish lake pyhäjärvi . Fans of drive and adventure will appreciate the summer ATV racing and winter skiing. Trails for active recreation such pass through remote, forested roads. If You are able to overcome this difficult path, we will learn what a real joyful feeling of the pioneers, after difficult wanderings to reach the desired goal. Active vacation on the shores of lake pyhäjärvi is a harmonious combination of masculine romance and invigorating extreme, and the overflowing feeling of fullness and satisfaction from stay in the lap of pristine and wild nature . connected to fishing and other various entertainments. To services of vacationers on the shores of lake pyhäjärvi possible to rent boats, kayaks, bicycles. Children can even ride the small, but very cute pony. Winter in the surroundings of lake pyhäjärvi waiting for You a Safari on snowmobiles and ski equipment hire shops in lakeside, built near a country hotel or a cottage settlement. And just fifteen miles from lake pyhäjärvi is a sports recreation center with a swimming pool, gym and indoor ice rink. In short everything is on the shores of lake pyhäjärvi . can be called a perfect ratio of beauty and comfort for outdoor recreation . All tourist workers, friendly representatives from the private sector are waiting for You and will provide the perfect surroundings for relaxation .

Come here in any season, at any time on vacation, on weekends or holidays. Healthy, relax . be charged with positive emotions, strengthen your spirit, enjoy the beauty of the majestic nature of the Russian North, you can near of a beautiful lake pyhäjärvi .

Rent housing for recreation, fishing and hunting on lake pyhäjärvi