In defense of Baikal
The deepest freshwater lake in the world Baikal, in the apt expression of the late academician A. V. winter, - "the priceless gift of nature". The lake-sea is a colossal…

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Lake - Hotels, Switzerland - Nord Way
Lake in Switzerland - such as an integral part of the allure of this country as the mountains and other treasures of the purest Swiss nature. Switzerland did not get…

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The Most beautiful lakes in the world

The lake is beautiful: light mesmerizing ripples mirror-reflections of clouds on the water… there are millions of lakes, from tiny ponds to massive “freshwater seas”, but some waters clearly stand out. This article is about 9 lakes that are in different parts of the world, but equally attracted and surprised by its beauty.

Lake Como

Location: Lombardy, Italy

The shores of this pristine lake surrounded by lush trees and blooming rhododendrons, and in the distance are seen the snowy top of the mountains – it sounds like magic, isn’t it? Lake Como in Northern Italy is the place which you cannot tell in a few words, but from the lips of the newly arrived traveler at first goes wrong is that the “facilities to match, bellisima!”. Enjoy the beauty of the lake and shores can, a ride on a vintage Riva speedboat is a favourite pastime among tourists.

Lake Malin

Location: Alberta, Canada

Beautiful glacial lake Louise, morraine and Peitho in the canadian Rocky mountains for many centuries, waging a fierce battle for the title of the most picturesque, but the palm in the competition definitely pulls Milan lake, located in Jasper National Park. Stunning, first of all, the surrounding landscape: perfect foreground of pines, majestic jagged mountains in the background and a cornflower blue sky of Alberta. Definitely splaviste kayak to a tiny but very beautiful island Spirit, located in the middle of the lake.

Lake Pichola

Where: Udaipur, India

On the shore of this lake Maharana Uday Singh, the Indian ruler of the medieval Principality of Mewar, in 1559, decided to build himself a Palace. Since then, interest in the artificial lake of the 14th century does not subside. Add a specific charm Pichola are two Islands, each with its own Palace, which don’t need Instagram filters to look at the pictures effectively.

West Lake

Location: Hangzhou, China

The lake is interesting not only for its scenery but also the lifestyle of local residents that come to the shores of the lake at dawn to practice improving gymnastics tai Chi or simply take a stroll meditatively along the water’s edge, listening to the music.

The Lake Giving

Location: Tasmania, Australia

On the shores of this quiet lake in the Northern part of Tasmania is home to the legendary horrific mouse under the name “Tasmanian devil” and also similar to kangaroos wallabies wombats and pretty. And Giving the lake – the starting point of an interesting, but tiring 65-kilometer trekking in the mountains. By the way, about the mountains: if you are near the shores of the lake on a clear windless weather, you can enjoy the reflection on the water luxurious Cradle mountain.

Lake Lucerne

Location: Switzerland

Switzerland generous beautiful lakes, but lake Lucerne or lake Lucerne – clearly stands out: to the pretty town of Lucerne and its kapelbruke bridge the 13th century, with the snow covered Alpine peaks of Rigi, Eiger and Jungfrau mountains behind, with stately old steamers plying the tranquil waters of the lake. And the most enjoyable way to admire the view of the lake is soaking in the outdoor thermal pool resort Mineralbad & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad, situated at the top of the Rigi.

Lake Powell

Location: Arizona, USA

In our world it so happens that man-made landscape features can compete in its beauty and power with objects of natural origin – and in the case of a lake the shape under the name of Powell, created in 1963 as a reservoir on the Colorado river. It is the second largest artificial lake in the United States. Its banks are strewn beaches and strikingly beautiful red-orange canyons, is wonderfully contrasted with the water a sapphire hue. To see it all, go on a boat trip to the impressive Rainbow bridge, which, incidentally, is considered the most easily accessible natural arch in the world.

Lake Titicaca

Where: Peru and Bolivia

Lake Titicaca (the name of which means “gray Puma” in Quechua) is an extremely beautiful water body, the banks which are divided Peru and Bolivia. The lake area – 58015 square kilometers, which is more than the territory of the whole island of Puerto Rico. According to local legend, the lake was the town of Wanaka.

Lake Derwentwater

Location: Keswick, England

Derwentwater is a lake in the lake district or the Lake district, which was formed as a result of ancient glaciation. Today in this Park, apart from derwentwater, there are also wide valleys, U-shaped, numerous lakes, bogs and meadows. It is worth noting that the lake district received its popularity is largely due to the English children’s author and her unusual farm, “hill-Top” in these parts. Five-kilometer long derwentwater, one of the four largest lakes in England, looks idyllic in the warmer months, when water stands still, reflecting the clouds, as in a mirror. At other times of the year strong winds generate waves, and the hills surrounding the lake, covered with ice crust. But both summer and winter derwentwater looks wonderful!