The largest lake of the Crimea
In the great salt lake in Crimea Sasyk-Syvash the threat of the erosion of the separation of the dam. As told in a press-service GU of Goschs in the ARC,…

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"big lake"
Savannah — the sea of grasses with occasional Islands of trees with the canopy of the umbrella. Vast areas of these amazing natural communities are in Africa, while the savanna…

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Many thousands of years ago was on my the edge of the glacier. Slowly he moved from North -West to South-East and swept on its way all obstacles. Crushing high mountains ploughed depths of the depression and dug up the pits and granite rocks «licking» until smooth. The glacier is long gone and the place of his movement formed lakes and rivers. Ice hauled in the stones large and small, generously knocking the bottom of their future ponds. Sometimes large lakes are located in parallel, separated by a small granite ridge, overgrown forest. A striking example of this lake KONCHEZERO and EXETERA. If one lake in the lake the fish don’t bite in a few a few minutes can take on more.

KONCHEZERO flow in UKSHOZERA tributary to lake PERTOZERO. It is one hundred and eight Islands. The largest average depth of 19.5 metres to 10 metres. The lake is separated by a chain of Islands into two parts:Western and Eastern. The coast mostly rocky and high. Twenty years ago the lake was rich with fish. You could catch whitefish, burbot, not to mention good perch roach and large pike. That was passed. The proximity to the city and as a result of fishing pressure and the network did the trick. Fish in KONCHEZERO small and poorly pecking, but sometimes it may bring a surprise.

UKSHOZERA runoff into the river SHUYA. Lake fourteen small Islands. It consists of two basins connected by a Strait. The second is called ARGOBA. The deepest point in SOLUBE 19.5 metres average 11 metres. In UKSECURE 20 meters-7.5 meters. The bottom with holes and Lud (underwater elevations). In1935 year in the lake was launched riposa Ladoga and Baikal omul 1954, but they did not stick. The banks mostly steep and rocky. Previously, it was possible to catch whitefish, bream, burbot, perch and many other fish, but it was before. The reasons are the same as on CONCEDERE.

Let’s think that we will be using in twenty years?

Amateur angler!

In love with it in the river clean

And in the shady groves of

And thinks life is boring

Without rivers, lakes, ponds.

What could be more beautiful

Than the morning dawns the morning clear?!