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The largest lake of the Crimea

In the great salt lake in Crimea Sasyk-Syvash the threat of the erosion of the separation of the dam.

As told in a press-service GU of Goschs in the ARC, this threat is created because of difficult weather conditions – a storm of northeast wind and wave height up to 1.5 m.

“due to overturning waves in narrow sections of the seawall detected erosion body of the dike. Sections of the dam on the crest of a blade of the dam relative to the water level be 0.35 m”, – stressed in the Department.

Due to the threat of an emergency man-made disasters on 16 April in Saki was held a meeting of the Commission of TEB and an emergency, a headquarters was set up to lead and take quick action to prevent erosion of the separation of the dam lake. Following the meeting adopted operational measures to prevent erosion of the separation of damaged parts of the dam, and also agreed to allocate engineering equipment and staff.

On the morning of April 17 at opposite ends of the seawall began the rescue operation on bedding stone, gravel and sand bags in the most dangerous parts.

Just worked at a place 85 personnel and 10 units of engineering and auxiliary equipment. Using dump trucks to narrow sections of the dam brought more than 40 tons of sand in bags and the same large stone.

Currently gathering and analyzing information around the clock to transfer it to the headquarters and taking measures for response. Organized constant contact with the weather station to obtain current information about changes in weather conditions.

We will remind, the Crimea for the second day suffering from the weather – gusts of strong wind dostigaet up to 30 meters per second. Many towns are sitting without electricity. Only one day, April 16, rescue workers more than 20 times left on calls because of falling trees.

As you know, Sasyk-Sivash — this is the largest in the Crimea salt lake. Its area is about 8 thousand hectares, the length from shore to the northeast corner of — 15 km, width — 11 km. the Lake is located near Yalta and is famous especially for its salt and mud with medicinal properties.