General information about the Republic of Buryatia
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The Lake of Ukraine is a unique lake Sinevir

One of the most beautiful places in Transcarpathia is considered Megharshen. Tourists fall in love with lake of Ukraine . its sub-valleys, wooded mountains, mineral water springs Burkov, fast-flowing mountain rivers and Black River Tereblya and of course in the lake Sinevir .

The biggest lake of Transcarpathia is Synevyr, located 989 meters above sea level, and it was formed about 10 thousand years ago.

Synevyr lake — this is the visiting card of the Carpathians, it is one of the most valuable natural treasure of the National natural Park of the same name. The total area of the lake is 5 hectares, its average depth is 8-10 m, maximum – 22 m.

The history of lake Sinevir

According to the legend, which tell the locals that the lake was formed at the spot where was shed the bitter tears of Count’s daughter SYN. At this place died of her favorite people – the shepherd Verkhovynsky VIR, his death was a setup by the insidious father-graph.

But seriously, the lake was formed after heavy shear caused by earthquake. Stony rock, located at an altitude of almost 1000 meters above sea level . blocked the path of a rapid stream, thereby forming a natural dam. Nature often creates surprising places, for example three-color lake Kelimutu in Indonesia.

The valley that emerged after the earthquake, was completed by three mountain streams. At present in these waters are home to rainbow, brown trout and spring.

The uniqueness of lake Sinevir

The surroundings of the lake are striking in their grandeur and uniqueness. Steep slopes approaching directly to the water surface, covered with dense pine trees, the age of most of them is more than 100 years.

In the vernacular they call the lake ” Sea eye “, such an interesting name it has received from-for a small island with an area of several meters, located in the middle of the pond.

During heavy spring floods, the lake never overflows its banks, the water level is controlled by the inlet located on the bottom of Sinevir.

Creative people of his imagination only complemented the beauty of the lake and its environs. Architect Yuri Solomin created a small observation deck, located on the banks of the lake.

And on the island in a few meters there is a sculptural composition of the monument “SYN’ and VIR ” made from mahogany. The monument is 13 meters high is the personification of undying love.