The biggest lake in Europe - Balaton - fade
Now the average depth of lake Balaton is only 70 cm Largest lake of Central Europe - Hungarian Balaton - endangered. The water level has dropped to a record low.…

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A tour Operator Balkan Express
Balaton - the largest lake in Central Europe. Along with a beach holiday spread sailing, fishing. Popular among tourists for its natural and historical sights along the banks of the…

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The Most dangerous lake on the Planet – materials on the environment

The title of this article may seem rather strange, because the water in our understanding has always been a symbol of life. However, the errors of nature or careless of human activity has made some lakes in different parts of the planet into dangerous objects.


The picturesque lake that is of interest to scientists around the world, due to the danger posed by this natural object. Under the layer of water stored huge deposits of carbon dioxide and methane formed by bacteria that turns the water body into a bomb with delayed action. Earthquake or volcanic activity will cause dangerous ingredients will mix and the lake will explode and this will lead to the deaths of around 2 million local residents.


Moon, as well as Kivu is volatile. Carbon dioxide emissions from the lake in 1984 resulted in the deaths of 37 people.


Near Mono lake Nwas, similar in the degree of its danger for all living things. Giant carbon dioxide emissions in 1986 led to the explosion of the lake and the deaths of several thousand local residents as a result of poisonous gas. The lake is dangerous and now, a minimal shift of the earth’s crust and volcanic activity can lead to a new explosion.


From the name of the lake you can understand that the temperature in the water in it is clearly not suitable for swimming. Water in the lake is about 80-92 °C, and in the center can reach the boiling point. Faults on the bottom of the reservoir and volcanic activity – the main reason of heating water to such temperatures.


Located near the town of Mammoth lakes in California lake, is considered a terrible silent killer. The city and the lake are located on top of an active volcano. For several years the lake has attracted tourists only because of its unusual form, but a few decades ago, it became clear that the lake water is saturated with carbon dioxide leaking from underground cavities. This leads to the death growing near the pond of the trees and poses a threat to people. In 2006, several people died from poisoning, hidden in a cave on the shore of a dangerous body of water.