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The Lake of the Failure

Little short of the sanatorium named after S. M. Kirov, in the mysterious depths of the mountain Mashuk famous hidden lake Proval . the entrance to which is guarded by two lions.

Through stone well (its height is 41 m and diameter 15 m) daylight penetrates deep into the mountain, where a deep crack rises from the bowels of the earth of mineral hydrogen sulphide water. In the left part of the lake depth of about 11 m, about 1.5 m. the right Temperature to about 50 degrees.

In the times of Lermontov’s the thrill there’s dancing over the lake: on the initiative of Prince Golitsyn, V. S. famous architect brothers Bernardazzi built in 1837 the platform above the Failure where the guests had danced the quadrille. Most of these were young men who wanted to show off before the ladies. Many people went down to the lake with the help of slings and special baskets to take a dip in the healing waters and likewise was understood to be returning.

The first scientific study of the failure of held 20 — 21 June 1857 F. A. Batalin, Director of the Tiflis meteorological Observatory Moritz . officers surveyors and land surveyors. At the same time was determined the exact depth of the crater and the lake water composition and temperature.

Initially, one about the lake didn’t know. But forms its not an easy water. Hydrogen sulfide. A pair of serovodoroda poisonous. They began to corrode the top layer of mount Mashuk, which eventually fell down. Hence the name of the lake — the Failure.

The lake is of karst origin.

Karst is a group of phenomena that are very common in the Caucasus. There are karst caves. The best known is the new Athos in Abkhazia or Big Azishskaya and Delicate caves in Adygeya . There are karst lakes as, for example, the Failure or Blue lake in Kabardino-Balkaria . There are even waterfalls karst in origin, as Chegem. by the way, all in the same Kabardino-Balkarian Republic .

Earlier in the spring during heavy snowmelt and glaciers, when increased water levels right along the bottom of the tunnel the water flowed into the street. Now the mineral water through pipes allocated at the bottom of the slope (under the platform before Failure), where in a kind of swimming baths to attend. The place is called folk or same shameless bath.

The tunnel to the lake with a length of about 43 m was opened on 23 August 1858 thanks to the efforts of a Moscow merchant, honorary citizen of Pyatigorsk P. A. Lazarica. He provided funds and personally supervised all the works.

In ancient times funnel with pairs of sulphur, caused a panic and caused wild consternation among local residents. They considered the failure of the spot-winged fire-breathing serpent that night kidnapped people.

At the turn of XIX and XX centuries the area of Failure has been built up by private villas and boarding houses. It was built many of the original architecture of the buildings. You will be able to admire, if you go to the Park “Flower garden” .

Bright, rich turquoise color fills the reservoir of mineral water due to the high sulfur content (which is why going to Failure close You will feel not very pleasant aroma).

The lions guarding the entrance to the cave, were made by the sketch sculpture I. F. Shakhovskaya . and appeared near the entrance to the lake in the middle of the twentieth century. Among tourists is considered to have been lucky, to be photographed with at least one of them.

Success with modern Pyatigorsk is also a sculpture of Ostap Bender . appeared here in fall 2008. Now guests Pyatigorsk hard to feel inferior by the nose, and then carefully RUB with tickets at 50 cents, which he keeps. So You can see the monument to the shiny nose and the tickets. Someone joked and said I need to make a wish and RUB Ostap’s nose. Tinder! Apparently come true…

At the time, Bender was collected from all cost, planning to earn a condition, selling tickets to visit this attraction. Of course be selling tickets near the famous lake of Pyatigorsk, is a penal action, even at a discount and even for Union members. But as the saying goes: «It is a monument! Who’s he going to jail?!». He collected the money «For restoration. The lake never failed». And knowingly collected, it should be noted! Because since then, it really never sank!

It should be noted that scene from the film the film L. Gaidai «12 chairs» where Ostap just to collect cash, was filmed near the Lermontov’s Grot, and not near this Failure .

In the story “Princess Mary” on lake You’ll find the following lines:

“In the evening the company went on foot to the Failure. According to local scientists, this chasm is an extinct crater; it is located on the slope of Mashuk, less than a mile from the town. It leads to a narrow path between bushes and rocks…”