The Most amazing lake in the world: ptichka_joy
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The Holiday resort of Voss
Work, home... Home, work... And so every day. From this rhythm of life is possible to obtain, at least, nervous stress or strain. Yes, of course, the concept of "work"…

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Lake – Hotels, Switzerland – Nord Way

Lake in Switzerland – such as an integral part of the allure of this country as the mountains and other treasures of the purest Swiss nature. Switzerland did not get the sea, but in lakes it so much that last for a few other countries taken together.

The 10 largest lakes of Switzerland:

Lake Geneva: 582 km2

Lake Constance: 539 km2

Lake Neuchatel : 218 km2

Lago Maggiore: 212 km2

Lucerne: 114 km2

Lake Zurich: 88 km2

Lake Lugano: 48,7 km2

Lake Thun: of 48.4 km2

Lake Biel is 39.6 km2

Lake Zug: 38,3 km2

and that’s not all. Crystal clear lakes of Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations for holidays and excursions. Lake water in Switzerland you can drink without hesitation: most of the lakes serve as a natural storage of potable water.

Lake Geneva is the largest in Western Europe. Its area is 582 km2, it stretches for 72 km in length and is situated between the main geological formations of the country. Lakes and mountains have shaped the climate of this unique corner of Europe and its nature. High mountains with passes allow strong winds to blow in coastal areas. But a little East, near Lausanne . the mountain range close coast and the wind comes soft, almost Mediterranean climate. In the area of Montreux feel palm trees with rhododendrons, in full bloom citrus and Magnolia. And in the lake, the water temperature in summer which reaches 25°C, you can comfortably bathe, and use the region’s residents and many tourists. Pure water and equipped beaches (at about 100 around the lake) allow to rest on the sea until October.

Lake Neuchatel is located in Western Switzerland, mostly in the Canton of neuchâtel (and partly also the cantons of Vaud, Fribourg and Berne) in the French part of the country. The lake is shallow, in the southern part is well heated. Unlike most other Swiss lakes with glacial origin, you can swim. On the shores of the lake are preserved several small villages that have preserved monuments of the Roman and medieval eras, for example, neuchâtel, Avenches (the ancient Roman city of Aventicum). The lake is very picturesque. In the southern part of lake Neuchâtel is home to the popular thermal Spa of Yverdon-Les-Bains.

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