"the largest lake"
Review album: On the territory of the Altiplano there are two large lakes Titicaca and Poopo.. Lake Titicaca (Lake of Thor Heyerdahl) is the largest lake in South America, the…

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The Lake of Garda - Italy - MITS - Rest as a work of art
Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, with a length of about 50 km and a width of about 10 km at its widest point. The mountain chain of…

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White mountains, castles and lakes of new Hampshire

The mountain-lake region of new Hampshire ( New Hampshire ) – one of the most amazing and beautiful parts of New England. It is the oldest resort in America, where people come to relax in throughout the year: in winter to enjoy skiing and ice skating; in the spring to admire the awakening nature and tender herbs in the summer – the smell of the fresh herbs and enjoy the grace of mountains and lakes and the Golden autumn – it is a fantastic riot of colors. New Hampshire is one of the most popular routes across America.

Program 3-day journey “White mountains, lakes and castles of new Hampshire” crafted to the beauty of nature along with informative fascinating objects and unexpected discoveries on the tour itinerary, made Your short stay. In the program of the tour includes a cruise along the protected lake surrounded by a picturesque mountain range, with unique wildlife, rare birds, welcoming Islands.

On the mountain slopes is located the famous “Castle in the clouds” ( Castle in the clouds ). built once one of the richest men in America. Visit “Castle in the clouds” – the programme of excursions. The beautiful view from the platform of “Castle” Winnipesaukee the lake ( Winnipesaukee ) and the surrounding mountains is breathtaking.

Another castle we visited, is striking. It is a Museum of armour – the largest in the Western hemisphere. It will immerse you into the world of art and history the Armory of masters, reminiscent of the romance of chivalry hikes.

The trip included a visit to the brewery of the world famous “Budweiser” that will appeal not only to fans of beer. You will see how to create the most popular beer in the world, learn about the local brewing secrets. And finally – tasting. You will be treated to two glasses of fresh ice-cold draught beer of different varieties (children will be offered soft drinks).

We will pass beautiful mountain roads of the nature reserve Franconia ( Franconia ), and its amazing landscapes will linger in Your memory.

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, possible replacement of field visits are equivalent. Also additionally it is possible to walk along a mountain trail in the gorge of the falls and visiting other picturesque places that are not included in the program (payment for additional visits in place).

This trip is for those who love natural beauty, clear mountain air, mountain trails, fast rivers, clear lakes and picturesque waterfalls.

The tour itinerary changes are possible in the succession of the excursions.

The implementation of the excursion program is guaranteed

– transportation by comfortable bus (or by another transport, depending on the group)

– accommodation in 3* hotel with all the amenities

– tips to drivers and guides

service in the hotel reception

– additional services not mentioned in the tour description

Tours are conducted only by professional guides with extensive experience.

In the interest of tourists in our tours never combined the function of a driver and a guide.

At the end of the tour. the group returns to new York for the starting point planting.

The driver is strictly forbidden to deviate from the route to drop off passengers .

The start time of tours may vary. Tours conducted by tourist buses of different sizes accommodate from 15 to 60 people (depending on number of people in the group). Vehicle equipped with all comforts: air conditioning, heating, TVs and so on.

Program and procedure for conducting tours during the holidays may differ from the standard program to include additional activities, depending on events happening in the cities and on the roads. The schedule of work of museums may not coincide with a tour plan during the holidays.

Holiday tours – always an unusual but very exciting and memorable!