Plitvice lakes-ethereal beauty!
In Croatia there is a unique national Park – the Plitvice lakes (Horw. Plitvička jezera). Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock here to overjoyed to merge with…

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Rafting in Karelia
Annually water tourism in Karelia is increasingly developing thanks to the support of travel companies that organize trips and hikes in this beautiful region. The Republic has a lot of…

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A Fan of lake Baikal”: Plan an exciting trip to the biggest lake of the world Publication

The first version of “Fan of Baikal” contains data for 6 regions of lake Baikal: Olkhon Island, the resort Arshan, Listvyanka, Maloye Sea area, East coast and Bolshoe Goloustnoe.

As reported by the developers, the mobile app will be monthly updated with new areas of lake Baikal attractions, routes, and descriptions of infrastructure facilities. In company plans – till the end of the summer season to cover all the most interesting areas of lake Baikal.

Travelers can expect interesting routes, the facts on destinations, helpful hints, historical data, original galleries, mestopolojenie, and in the near future and a calendar of events.

The goal of creating a mobile app “Fan of Baikal” – the Union of similar information for tourists traveling to lake Baikal, in a single digital product. Still, in the App store there was not one guide specialized recreation in the Baikal region.

The app shares with actual data on places and safe routes, showing specific examples of the incredible tourism potential of lake Baikal.

Features and benefits mobile app “Fan of Baikal” are:

Access to information and the map even without being connected to the Internet;

Continuously updated content;

The ability to pre-plan your route and cultural program your trip with travel planning;

The rating of objects, based on the total number of “likes” raised by users, service recommendations and various filtration systems in order to simplify the process of choosing places to visit;

Most of the application objects contains a unique cross-reference, clicking on which you can choose, what places to see while EN route or while staying in the hotel;

Unique presentations of images and texts.

Guide “a Fan of Baikal” now contains data on more than 100 facilities and 30 routes.