The Most beautiful lakes in the world
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Lake fishing in Lithuania. Stay surrounded by nature

Fishing in Lithuania attracts many tourists. The lake district of Lithuania consists of 5 districts: Utena, Moletai, Aniksi, Ignalina and Zarasai. In Utena district is 185 lakes, in molėtai — more than 280 lakes in Animalscom — 76 lakes, in Ignalina — 279 lakes in Zarasai — more than 300 lakes. The numbers speak for themselves.

Lake fishing — it is primarily fishing for pike on spinning. In addition to pike in the lakes of Lithuania there are perch, bream, silver bream, Rudd, roach, tench, crucian carp, Chub, smelt, and burbot.

For fishing in Lithuania it is necessary to have state permission (license). which can be purchased via the Internet  or the PERLAS terminals. To buy permits will require the identification number (ID) of the citizen of Lithuania.

Some lakes are owned by local people. For fishing on these lakes license is not required. However, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the owners of the reservoir.

Fishing for guests staying in the estates

Almost all the estates of the Lake district offer fishing on the lakes. The hosts help to get a state fishing license, also hire fishing rods and boats, always ready to help with advice.

Guests of the farmstead mean Sodyba for fishing on lake Ilgis permission is not required because the lake is privately owned. On the estate there are two ponds, where the owner of the estate Vidas breeds carp and carp. The fish here are biting guaranteed, such fishing will be of interest to both adults and children. Fresh fish can make a fish soup right on the spot. To this end a number has a place where you can hang the pot over the coals.

Eugene. The owner of the estate Antalakaja

Antalakaja manor is located 500 metres from lake Lakajai Baltai. The owner Eugene is himself an avid fisherman.

The manor-farm Gileno is located on a Peninsula surrounded on three sides by lakes. The owner of the estate kastas offers boat and his wife Janina prepares a delicious fried pike.

Fishing the estate offers Giluzio. Hollande kaimelis. Star Bay. Alausa Clinic and many others.

The most famous lakes of the lake district

Aisetas (Aisetas)

Narrow and winding lake Aisetas — one of the most beautiful in the Lake district. His area of 501 ha, maximum depth 40 m, average depth 10 m. the Lake is 2/3 is located in moletu, Utena 1/3 in. The banks are high, on all sides forested. In abundance there are perch, roach, Rudd, perch, pike, bream and catfish. The approach to the lake is quite complex, so it is not very popular among anglers.

Asia (Asveja)

Asia — the longest (29.7 km) and the third deepest lake of Lithuania (50 km). His area of 978 ha. Has 6 Islands. Surrounded by pine forests. The lake is located in parts of the Švenčionys and molėtai. Asia known for the variety of fish species. There are bream, silver bream, Rudd, roach, tench, crucian carp, Chub, cod, burbot. The lake is full of pike and perch. During the winter fishing is often possible to find smelt. From Vilnius to lake Asveja can be reached by highway Vilnius — Utena and turn in the direction of Dubingiai.

Baltieji Lakajai (Baltieji Lakajai)

Baltai is Lakajai molėtai district. Vacationers especially love this lake for scenic views and clean water. Area of 670 ha. Maximum depth of 45 meters. In the lake are perch, bream, roach, pike, tench, Rudd, vendace, burbot. The fishermen here caught a large perch and bream, roach and Rudd, but fishing on Baltieji Lakajai difficult, because fish is very careful.

Bebrusai (Bebrusai)

Bebrusai lake is located 4 km from the town of molėtai. The area of 36 ha. Maximum depth of 24 m. the Lake is located near paved roads, it can be directly accessed in summer and winter. The lake has three small Islands. In Bebrusai there are perch, carp, bream, roach, pike, tench, IDE, ruff, vendace, smelt, catfish, burbot.

Stirniai (Stirniai)

Sternau — lake in Eastern Lithuania in the molėtai district. The area of 86 hectares with an Average depth of 6 m. In Stirniai biting perch, bream, roach, pike, tench, ruff. Fishing from shore is difficult of access, easier to fish from a boat. The fishermen were caught in Stirniai big roach and Rudd.

Alausas (Alaušas)

Alaushas — the largest lake in Utena district. An area of 1054 ha, Maximum depth 42 m. the lake is catch vendace, pike, bream, roach, slabs, Rudd, perch, ruff.

Tauragnas (Tauragnas)

Tauragnas — the deep (62 m) and the highest above sea level (165 m) lake. Located in the North-East of Lithuania in Aukštaitija national Park (Ignalina and Utena regions). The area of 50 ha. with an Average depth of 18 m. Tauragnas very clean lake, where large quantities of roach, perch, eel, whitefish, catfish, perch, burbot.