The Lake of Ukraine is a unique lake Sinevir
One of the most beautiful places in Transcarpathia is considered Megharshen. Tourists fall in love with lake of Ukraine . its sub-valleys, wooded mountains, mineral water springs Burkov, fast-flowing mountain…

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TOUR Tickets Journey Rominsky in the forest and on the lake Vishtynets, Kaliningrad
Journey to Rominsky forest and lake Vishtynets About the event Rominsky journey in the forest and on the lake Vishtynets Lake "Vishtinets" – the unique lake of glacial origin and…

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Great lake

Lake Ladoga is one of the largest in Russia and the largest lake in Europe. Its area 18135 km2, the length of 219 km, width is 138 km, maximum depth is 230 m. the River entering the lake: the Svir, the Volkhov, the Syas river, Vuoksi, nazihah. From the lake originates river: Neva. During the “Siege of Leningrad” Neva served as the only path for delivery of food and removal of refugees.

Geography grade 10

a summary of other presentations

“Snowflakes” – The Diamonds Of The Snow Queen. Hollow columns. Snowflake. Wilson Bentley. In search of perfect snowflakes. Wilson Alvin Bentley. White color snowflakes. Why is the snowflake flat. Snowflakes have become a subject of study. The formation of snowflakes. Twelve rays. Air beauties. Types of snowflakes. Photos Of William Bentley.

“Types of natural resources” Genetic Fund of the planet. Water land resources: fresh water problems. Natural resources – a set of objects suitable for human use. Recreational resources. Equal to the ratio of forested area to total area. Compare security major world regions resources river runoff. The need for protection from poverty. Mineral resources. Examples of solving the problem of fresh water in some countries.

“South Africa in Africa” – the Natural features of South Africa. East London. Cape town – about 2 million people. South Africa’s economy is dual in nature. The theme of the lesson: South Africa. Other ethnic groups are relatively small. The population of the country. The Paradoxes Of Africa. Transport. Dual character. Geographical position. In the country’s 16 national parks and one protected lake. The country is represented as irrigated and mainly dry farming.

“Culture Of Armenia”, Is The Capital. Culture Of Armenia. The folk dances. Clothing. The national dishes. Music. Religion. Architecture. The Capital Of Armenia. Test. History.

“Reserves of natural gas” – natural Gas extracted from the earth through wells. Natural gas hydrates. Natural gas. Chemical properties. Bus running on natural gas. Production of natural gas. Special tankers. Transportation of natural gas. Extraction and transportation. What is natural gas. Application. Preparation of natural gas for transportation. The production of natural gas. Deposits of natural gas.

“The world economy” – MGRT and integration. Concentration. Orientation of qualified available personnel. Research intensity. STD and the global economy. Signs of a post-industrial economy. Environmental pollution. The stages of development of the economy of countries. Transport. MGRT – specialization of countries in production of goods and services. Germany. EGP. Stages of development of STC. Structure MH. The territorial structure of countries. The placement of MX. Test.

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