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Floating island
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The Most amazing lake in the world: ptichka_joy

This amazing lake is located in Yellowstone National Park, USA. White Americans discovered the land recently – in 1870. Untouched piece of nature was discovered by the Governor of a state with a detachment of cavalry led by Lieutenant Dwayne. The Governor liked so much these gorgeous places, the beauty of forests, lakes and mountains that it was decided to declare them protected. The Yellowstone reserve stretched on the earth three North American States – Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

Lake Morning Glory amazes and delights at first glance – the variety of colours that painted the bottom, absolutely unthinkable for the lake. Bright shades of turquoise, purple, yellow, green fascinate and attract.

The amazing fact is that the water in the lake from time to time tend to change color: it was a pale turquoise, like a few minutes becomes bright purple, then turns green. Where such chameleonesque quality at the lake, you ask? Everything is explained simply – in the Lake Morning Glory live bacteria that change colour depending on water temperature.

Fairy lake is small in size, but its depth is about 2200 meters. In cooler weather, it is always the vapor that creates the illusion of a magical image, resembling a Mirage.

The water temperature in the lake was previously quite high: about 100°With in depth and roughly 80 to 85°C at the surface. Bacteria were stained in those days, the lake in bright blue color with a border of yellow-orange color.

Unfortunately, today such bright colors on magical lake is no more. The fact is that all who come to Yellowstone Park tourists really wanted to return to these wonderful places and throwing coins in the water. Beautiful tradition turned into a disaster for the lake – the source of the lake became clogged. Today, the water on the lake surface is heated only to 50 to 65°C. the Bacteria gave the water color still, gone, and in their place new ones – with a new color.

But the most beautiful lake has another unique feature – sometimes it begins to boil as in a cauldron and explode like a geyser. This amazing property is associated with seismic activity in the surrounding lands. When there are earthquakes or volcanic eruptions (and this happens rarely), from the waters of the lake gases go underground and has hot water.

Its unusual name of the lake received in 1883, when the wife of the assistant Park Manager Yellowstone called him Convolutus. Elizabeth McGowan gave an unusual lake Latin name of the morning glory (morning glory flower). Heavenly flower of the plant resembles the spring, and this feature plants long sounded in the name of the lake – until the early 20th century guidebooks often called the lake like a Spring Morning Glory.

With a light hand Mrs Elizabeth, the name Lake Morning Glory turned out to be more romantic and quickly caught on among the local population. Blue flower with orange-yellow edging has become a symbol of unearthly beauty is beautiful lake. Forget this natural wonder is simply impossible: it’s a fairy tale come to life in reality (as the smallest country).

To preserve the unique character of the temperature regime of the hot source and save it from irreparable changes, Park Rangers strictly monitor the cleanliness of the water. Periodically, the source is cleaned from the coins and other debris, the Park also forbidden to go to wood road running along the lakeshore.

Today look at the beautiful and captivating Lake Morning Glory come not only U.S. residents but also many tourists from all over the world. It is a real miracle of nature, a gift from the people. It was the most beautiful lake in the world!