The Holiday resort of Voss
Work, home... Home, work... And so every day. From this rhythm of life is possible to obtain, at least, nervous stress or strain. Yes, of course, the concept of "work"…

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A Fan of lake Baikal": Plan an exciting trip to the biggest lake of the world Publication
The first version of "Fan of Baikal" contains data for 6 regions of lake Baikal: Olkhon Island, the resort Arshan, Listvyanka, Maloye Sea area, East coast and Bolshoe Goloustnoe. As…

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Rafting in Karelia

Annually water tourism in Karelia is increasingly developing thanks to the support of travel companies that organize trips and hikes in this beautiful region. The Republic has a lot of beautiful places for outdoor recreation and water sports. Beautiful lake among the birch and pine forests, fast flowing rivers with waterfalls and rapids is allowed to take the Karelia the leading position among the lovers of river rafting, along with sanami, the Caucasus and the Altai.

Great demand get the alloys on the rivers, traveling on inflatable rafts or kayaks. The calm safe waters to paddle, you can travel with children. But there are rivers with shoals, rapids and waterfalls, rafting on them is dangerous for even experienced athletes.

Organized tours designed permanent routes in Karelian rivers Suna and Shuya, Ohta, Cerati and many others. They all have complexity category I to III, from the simplest to complex. The choice of river depends on the time of year – spring “big water”, when the thresholds are passed easier, better rafting on catamarans on the UKS and Shuya, and in the summer you can go kayaking and kayaking on difficult rivers, Tumon, Umba and Pistojoki.

The most popular route, which can travel not only in adults but also in children, is rafting on the Shuya river, Karelia which is translated as “deep”. She runs high among beautiful shores in densely populated places close to the main road, so it is always possible to find other groups of tourists. On Shuya annually hold competitions on an alloy on rafts and kayaks.

Suna river is famous because it is located on the waterfall Kivach, which is the second largest, after the Rhine, plain waterfall of Europe’s largest. Suna river with easy and beautiful trails.

More interesting sports rafting on the river Pistojoki in the North-West of Karelia. Fast current, plenty of rapids and other obstacles of various degrees of complexity, remoteness from populated areas require backpackers experience water tours and good physical shape.

Karelian river during an alloy on them intersected with numerous lakes of amazing beauty. Firms are organized and combined trips when the lake is crossed by motor boats, and the rivers go down on kayaks, canoes and other boats.

Tour firms are working not only with groups of tourists, and they help independent travelers with transportation of water equipment from the train to the beginning of the water routes and Vice versa. Organized groups go on hikes with an experienced instructor who will help to inflate the boat, in the rain kindle a fire and set camp for the night.