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Hévíz (Heviz) — a resort in Hungary. to the South-West from lake Balaton. 6 km from the town of Keszthely. It got its name from the thermal lake, which means “hot water”. Ancient thermal spring started to hit near the top of the so-called “hot mountains” at a height of 425 m, and then moved lower.

The surroundings of the lake were well known already in the copper age and the first written references on the Hungarian language refer to 1328. The rapid development of the village in the second half of the 18th century the First thermal bath was built here in 1795. Its fame hévíz owes much to count Festetics, who was seriously engaged in the development of local infrastructure (building of baths, and baths) and the dissemination of information about medical lake.

The Surroundings Of Lake Balaton. Lake Heviz is the second largest warm-water lake in the world and unique in Europe.

The main attraction of the resort is a unique lake hévíz, the second largest warm-water lake in the world and unique in Europe. The water temperature in summer is 33-35 °C, in winter — from 27 to 29 °S. Its area is 4,7 hectares, the depth is 36 m. the lake Water canal fed by lake Balaton.

Lake Heviz. Baths.

The springs that feed the lake are in podozernaya the cave with a diameter of 18 m. Hence, hit two key thermal with temperature of water +42 °C and +38 °C and one mineral, with water temperature of +17 °C. the lake Water is in constant motion: coming from the hot water, the surface breaking into radial jets, rotating slowly in the clockwise direction. Because of this movement, the water temperature in different points of the lake are virtually the same. Every second the specific surface on the hydrodynamics of the flow is discharged 420 gallons of water. Due to the high water temperature in the lake has virtually no vegetation and animals. Its waters contain a number of useful macro – and microelements such as sulfur, carbon dioxide, radon, allowing you to successfully treat many diseases.

The bottom of the lake covered more than a meter thick layer of silt. It is composed of organic substances — products of humification of plant residues, mineral compounds, the elements of which originate from the Pannonian dolomite and limestone, the chemical composition is largely mirrored the composition of the lake water, hormone and vitamin-like substances. The microflora of the mud in a small number of producing antibiotics, so the lake does not meet pathogenic bacteria and blue-green algae, and no unpleasant smell. But the lake water is not suitable for ordinary bathing beach in connection with a pronounced biological effect: it is not recommended to be in the water longer than 30 minutes.

Original card of hévíz are imported from India water Lily, which came on the coat of arms of hévíz. The lake is surrounded by forest area of about 50 hectares, which gives this region a special microclimate.