The Rating sites. No. 2 - lake Toba and the waterfall of Episodio
Danau Toba & Sipiso-PisoWaterfall The Island Of Sumatra. Off beaten tourist trails with their eternal herds of the German and Australian old ladies! Under a plane wing about something sings…

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"big lake"
Savannah — the sea of grasses with occasional Islands of trees with the canopy of the umbrella. Vast areas of these amazing natural communities are in Africa, while the savanna…

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The biggest lake in Europe – Balaton – fade

Now the average depth of lake Balaton is only 70 cm

Largest lake of Central Europe – Hungarian Balaton – endangered. The water level has dropped to a record low.

It is impossible to swim there. Two hundred meters from the shore the depth is only 20 inches.

The reason – too dry in the summer.

About half of all guests Hungary strive to stay on the Balaton. Those who visited him this summer, many were surprised by the “cross” of the lake: to swim or to dive into the water, it was necessary to move away from the coast not less than 20-25 meters, and even further. Another dry summer led to a further lowering of the water level in one of the largest inland waters of Europe.

Now the average lake depth of only 70 cm of tourists here has become fashionable to sunbathe on dozens of small Islands that emerged in the last two or three years on the whole territory of lake Balaton.

Before not too scattering the ships now look clumsy babies, carefully wading through the water between the islet and is marked on maps of glimpses of the rocks. Their captains refuel before a flight minimal amount of diesel fuel, not to unnecessarily otyazhelev court. This often incidents happen when, emptied tanks, ships did not reach the shore and were forced to helplessly waiting for help to rock on a small wave. And famous throughout Europe in the early 90-ies of night travel on the lake so-called sex-ships, the organizers had to refuse, because the court in the dark increasingly stuck in shallow water.

If the lake will continue to dry up at the current rate, according to scientists, after 7-10 years, its depth will be half of the current, and Balaton, in essence, will turn into the biggest puddle on the continent. Such development, according to the Director of the Balaton national Park Bela Kovacs, threatens not only the mass outflow of tourists and the death of local flora and fauna, and now are in poor condition. Due to the General increase in water temperature and lowering its level disappear some species of fish, the lake’s surface from the beginning of the summer delayed unpleasant for swimmers mesh algae. Accustomed for many years to live mainly at the expense of reception of people coming here “wild” tourists who prefer not to Lodge in expensive hotels and in modest private pensions, the inhabitants of the surrounding towns and villages, losing earnings, while unsuccessfully looking for a new means of existence.