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The Honest Home Appliance Customer Reviews

Many people who actively use household appliances like to share their impressions of the work of this or that device. These reviews help other people make the right choice when buying a household appliance. Therefore, we systematically add reviews of real people so that you have more information and the purchase does not disappoint.

Home Appliance Reviews: Honest & Useful

Philips EP 1220/00 Series 1200 coffee machine - reviews

We chose a coffee machine carefully, on the Internet, read a lot of reviews, looked at reviews. I have low blood pressure and therefore should get 2-3 cups of caffeinated drink a day. In addition, the requirements were:

  • not very difficult to control
  • coffee can be filled with ground and whole beans
  • obligatory Cappuccino button
  • easy to clean after use.


Food processor Philips HR 7320/10 - review

Firstly, the stylish design and black color looks perfect. In a small kitchen, compactness is an important aspect, and it is just that. Secondly, it works very quietly, although its power is 700 watts. A large bowl where you can store all the attachments is a huge plus, you don't have to think every time where to place all the attachments. I will dwell on them separately. The set includes a sharp knife that chops any food in a matter of minutes, minced meat preparation takes no more than 5 minutes. Nozzle for making dough, baking is now much easier and faster, poured all the products into the bowl, turned on and voila, the dough is ready; the nozzle for making emulsions is a discovery for me, I always wanted to make homemade mayonnaise and various sauces and now I do it effortlessly; double-sided disc on one side shredder, shreds into thin slices and fine grater on the other side. Making a smoothie or a puree soup for a child is very simple, for this I use a jug with a capacity of up to 1.5 liters.

I was also pleased with the wide chamber for feeding ingredients, which allows not to grind the food. When I brought the harvester home, I thought it would be difficult to figure out how it works, but everything turned out to be elementary, put the necessary nozzles, turned the knob to select the desired speed, by the way, there is a color indicator from light yellow to dark yellow and the process started. What made me very happy is that the combine does not slide on the table surface, thanks to the rubberized feet, which firmly "stick" to the working surface. It is very easy to clean.


Toaster Kenwood TT-125 - review

This is a very high quality toaster made in England! The manufacturer has taken into account all the serious problems that the user may have, so the use and maintenance of the device does not cause any difficulties. I would especially like to note the reliability of the device - it has worked for us for more than one year (the model is produced and is in a certain demand) - nothing has broken, has not been erased and has not lost functionality, the only thing is that small specks of unwashed fat appeared on the partition between the compartments, but here, apparently, we ourselves overlooked and, naturally, we will clean up how the hands will reach, because care is still needed, at least minimal, however, this does not interfere with the preparation of toasts. The device seems to be simple, but the automatic shutdown when ready and the adjustment of the degree of roasting allow you not to monitor it while making toast, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by everyone who lives in a modern fast pace of life, and this is 90% of users, and even if you have forgotten it. turn off, nothing bad will happen. So, the safety is at a high level, but I have already spoken about the quality of materials and the reliability of components and electronics. Well, he is handsome, it's not a shame to put it in any kitchen!


Microwave - vain fears of housewives

Many people have reacted with fear and anxiety to the information that the microwave is a source of radiation. Hundreds of thousands of housewives decided to get rid of this kitchen appliance, fearing serious consequences (for example, leukemia, other forms of cancer.) But everything turned out to be much simpler - to get radiation, you need to be inside the microwave oven when it is working. Incl. all this panic is a consequence of ignorance.


The washing vacuum cleaner does not work

I ordered myself a Dyson washing vacuum cleaner, as my old one had already started to junk. When I decided to start using it, I did not understand where to pour the powder, where to pour water, etc. I decided to pour water directly onto the carpet and sprinkled everything with Ariel's washing powder. As a result, the vacuum cleaner just sucked in some water and deteriorated. What is this nonsense?


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